Ov question, confused!

Please can you help! af was due on Monday but spotting starting on Sunday, but full flow didn't start until today (TMI!) Usually I am light for the first two days before af get heavier, so confused as I do not know to start counting cd from today or from Sunday...please help! don't want to miss ov this month !
Big Thank you!!!! :?


  • Hi, i'm not 100% sure but i think its from when you are in full flow, so today i guess. Hope this helps.
  • Hi Star,

    i think you should count from today hun, I always spot for one day before AF and don't count it until full flow....

    I also remember from my Taking Charge of Your Fertility Book that it says that your Lutuel Phase is nearly always the same length (only will change by a day or so - but definitely no more) - your OV can get delayed as a response to travel or stress but the lutuel phase will always be the same - mine is min. 10 days (this month) but never more than 13 days....

    So it could be that your OV was slightly later this month and has confused your body a bit... :roll:

  • ok thanks ladies that helps! I'll count from today! So strange my lateness anyhoo! Phew!!! I've been stressing all day about it! image
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