Scared of pregnancy tests

Hey Ladies,

Well im sure your all getting sick of my chat subjests lmao but i have another one that im hoping you can all help me with.

Most of you know my story but if not im 9dpo and have been having real different signs.
Feeling sicky if i dont eat breakfast, tired, put off red meat, had an ache in my womb @ 6-7dpo, weeing heaps and also gas (TMI).

So my hubby and i are thinking about doing a hpt in the next couple of days, but i am so scared!!!
I feel like i dont want to do it, it brakes my heart everytime i get that BFN! I cry just thinking about it.

So if anyone has gone thru this or is going thru this let me know. and if you have any ideas on how to help me send them.

Thanks so muchxx :cry:


  • I wasn't lol I used them like mad for the last 2 months - but I can understand completely what you mean!
    I am just soooo fed up already of seeing that BFN. It makes it feel like there is no such thing as that second line!!
    Got my fingers crossed for you - just remember that most BFPs show after about 13/14dpo and don't be too disheartened if it is a BFN. It ain't over til AF arrives!
    Good luck
  • Not sure if this is going to help but I have exactly the same reaction!

    The 1st time I did it I just burst into to tears...the 2nd time I did it I was 2 days late but tried to convince myself that it was negative to try & not have the same problem...

    I didnt cry straight away but I was so down for the next few days it was worse image Then 2 days after that my Best Friend told me she was pregnant & I just lost it! Totally the wrong reaction to have as they didnt know were trying & now I feel dead guilty for that aswell. Came home & just cried with OH for about an hour!

    (Have since apologised to friend as I am SOOOO happy for them...excited is not the word!!!)

    Tests are evil...but essential I guess...

    Dont feel bad for getting upset, I think I've learnt not to hold it in as it just makes it worse image

    Hold onto the fact that one day, you will get that BFP & then you can cry for a whole different reason!
  • I'd leave off testing until af is definately late if you can. In theory this is what I do as I can't afford to waste my money-however af ALWAYS finds me!!
  • thanks curls.. makes me feel a little better xx
  • I'm glad...keep your chin up!! We're all here for you so that your not alone image

    & I'm keeping everything crossed that you get your BFP!!!!!! xx
  • that would be AWESOME!!
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