:-( AF late, obsessively symptom spotting, going crazy!

Hi all,

Just want to vent my frustration. This is 7th month TTC, cycles have been variable, longest was 28 days, last 3 were only 22ish days. Am on CD30, no AF, 4 BFNs and I have managed to convince myself I have every possible symptom! Don't know if I definatley did OV (supposed to have blood test next cycle as have never had positive OPKs and AFs last 2weeks). Symptoms are: nausea (5 days), AF type cramping & other light pain (7 days....I never usually have pain until day AF starts), lots more CM than normal watery-creamy, very bloated, and just feel different to other 2WWs.
I've spent more hours than I'd care to admit looking up symptoms of early pregnancy....and it's made me convince myself that I must be! TMI but I have so much CM that it feels like AF has started so keep going to check!


  • OMG MrsBish! We are identical! :lol:

    Im exactly the same as you, My cycles are all over the place,my last one was 24 days and im just using it as a guide and im now on CD29 and no sign, Lots of creamy/watery CM kept thinking i have come on as it felt just like it. Have everything you have got apart from Ive tasted blood in my mouth alot and Ive had milky discharge from both boobs image .
    Used a SD and FRER test with same urine sample and both BFN. So no idea what to think.

    I hope its just too early for us!

  • Hi Mrs Pink, glad to hear I'm not alone.
    The rational part of me thinks it's my obsessing and anxiousness that's making me have they symptoms in the first place but I hope it isn't true.
    Fingers crossed for you!
  • Ooooh me 3!!!

    Im 3 days late for AF. My ( . )( . ) are so heavy and sore have been for a week now. I have really tight cramps in my tum, again a week with those. Also I have been a bit lightheaded and dizzy in the mornings last 4 mornings. Ive been POAS like crazy since 8dpo (im an addict!) but all BFNs. :'(
    I also have the watery cm (sorry if ur havin ur brekkie) and again loads of it so that i think af has arrived and i keep checking!

    I have been trying since Sept 09 and never felt like this in any other cycle nor have i ever been late for af.

    Our friend said that on her first pgcy she was a day late and tested but BFN so she thought it must be stress affecting it but when af didnt show for another week she tested and got BFP.

    Fingers crossed for us 3!!!

    Have you looked into when u'd be due? I'd be New Years Eve! Eeeekkk!
  • Hi Mrs Allen, join the club! Though I have to say I do feel different today...think AF is on her way image Nausea gone, tummy feelings gone but still have cramps.....good luck to you both!
  • Hiya,

    I did another SD this afternoon as I never went to the loo for 8 hours so thought it would be a good time to test, that was BFN, Bur i suppose it isnt over till the AF sings!

    SNAP! Mrsallen, if I got (or get hehe) a BFP I would also be due 31st december!

    Fingers crossed ladies.

  • Hey, Im out. AF came yesterday afternoon. Absolutely gutted. Roll on month...8. Going to the drs now and see what they say. DH has had probs in the past due to a motorbike accident years ago so hopefully they will test sooner on this basis.

    Really thought we had a bean this time.

    Good luck guys! Hope the witch stays away for you! x x x
  • I'm out too, yesterday afternoon for me too, thought it'd be lucky 7th cycle!
    Feel OK though, lots of PMA, went out and bought loads of healthy food, no alcohol, Pregnacare multivits (on offer in Morissons for those who buy them), and a thermometer.....started charting from today!

    I'm sure your DH will get a test Mrs Allen! Best of luck to you this month cycle buddy!

    Fingers crossed for you Mrs Pink:\)

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  • :\?Hi guys,

    Quick question i was due my AF last Tuesday...i tested on friday and got a BFN....but i still have no AF...have heartburn a lot and thats it other than very very slight period like cramps....possibly concieved on the 7th of this month..

    Do you think there could still be a chance im pregnant being 5 days overdue with a BFN...

    Any replies would be great! thanks
  • What test did you use hun?

  • What test did you use hun?

  • i used a brand called accurate??
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