Any CD21-ish cycle buddies?

Anyone on or around CD21 and want a buddy?

Feel free to join in :\) x

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  • Helloooo! I'm on cd5! How long do your cycles tend to be? Ive had 2 since coming offthe pill; first was 35 days and this one 29..! xx
  • Hi! Mine have always been 26 days. Last month was our first month TTC and my cycle was 25 days. Nature sucks! The one month I need my body to behave itself! So I've ordered some cheapy OV sticks just to keep an eye on OV.

    Sounds like you're getting back into a proper cycle after the pill, good news! How long were your cycles before the pill? xxx
  • Hi MrsHobbes and wildthing. Can I join you please? I'm CD4 of month 4 TTC today.

    AF is due on 31st May at the very earliest, or 2nd June at the latest (going on prev. cycles).

    It is my first wedding anniversary on the 30th and I know it'll be a bit early, but I am pretty sure I won't be able to resist a test then just in case (a BFP on that day would be amazing!) I'm obviously trying not to get my hopes up though as I've been disappointed the last 3 months.

    So far we have tried just BDing when we like, BD-ing every other night, and also SMEP. None of the above have worked so far so this month we are aiming for once a day coming up and including ovulation. We haven't tried this yet so it seems worth a shot, and several people on here seem to have had success with this technique... fingers crossed.

    Babydust ladies! xx
  • Hello all,

    I'm on CD6, cycles a bit erratic after stopping breastfeeding lo in feb but last cycle was 30 days so that's a bit more normal! Just trying to stay relaxed about ttc, easier said than done though! Lots of babydust to you all x
  • Hey Tilty, course you can join us! I love having others to chat to during this, it stops me going insane/driving hubby mad. This is month 2 for us. Last month we BDd when we felt like it - I thought we'd hit day before OV, OV and day after OV, but my cycle was randomly a day shorter so perhaps we only got OV and day after. I think we're going to try the same as you - every day. Although I'm still not going to let on to hubby when I OV as I don't want to pressure him. Getting a BFP on your 1st anniversary would be amazing! Really hope it works for you. I would want to test then too :\)

    Hi emmsy4. Glad that your cycles are getting back to normal. Relaxed is the way to go, but like you say, it's very much easier said than done!

    Babydust to everyone xxx
  • So there we go - a few of us that are about the same time!
    Good luck ladies and lets hope we get our BFP's in June. Good idea there Mrs Hobbes by not telling hubby when you're ov. This is only our 2nd month ttc and the oh felt so much pressure last month that he couldn't fire his little swimmers, so we're just taking it easy and enjoying all the extra bd we get to do! lol. xx
  • MrsHobbes, let's hope the very night thing does the trick for us! I have heard contradictory things about the effect of nightly BD on swimmers, but quite a few ladies here seem to have got BFPs (after several months of no success) by just BD-ing loads around ov, so it must be worth a try.

    I normally get signs I'm about to ov 2-3 days before a +ve OPK, so will aim to start the BD marathon then and *hopefully* manage to keep it going until the day after the smiley. Fingers crossed!

    I'm a bit worried I'll get my hopes too high about the whole anniversary BFP thing, but it's hard not to be aware of the dates and get just a little excited / hopeful....

    Is anyone else planning on being naughty and doing an early test or are you planning to stay patient and wait to see whether AF comes?

    I really hope this proves to be a lucky thread. xx
  • LOL, just had one last look on here before I hit my pit - I have no hope in hell with waiting for af to not arrive before testing!!
    I have a very bad feeling i'm going to be a poas addict!!! Well - its more than a feeling so to combat the guilt, i've bought a load of cheapy ones from ebay, that way i can be naughty but feel ok as they haven't cost a fortune!
    Try not to overdue the bd everyday otherwise when it comes to ov you'll both be too tired - enjoy and have fun. G'nite ladies xx
  • Hi can i please be a buddy, i am CD 8 so very close, just counting the days down before ov, have not got a clue when i will ov, as last month was 3 weeks late, so dont really know what went on there.

  • Hi, i'm CD9 of month 2 of ttc. I need some buddies too as OH has decided he doesn't want to be obsessive and count days and stuff but just wants to 'do it!' (in his words) and see what happens! Therefore i need you girls to help hide my obsessive behaviour and count days with me! Who's in??
  • Hi all

    Am CD7 cycles vary from 35-45 days. Not using OPK's this month mainly because have ran out but also because I want to try and take a relaxed approach and we are going on holiday for our 1st wedding anniversary on 26th May back 2nd Jun.

    Good luck everyone

  • SD, when is your anniversary? Mine is 30th May - are you the same by any chance if you are away from 26th May-2nd June? I hope the relaxed approach does the trick for you this month.

    wildthing, we're definitely not starting to BD every day until I get signs I'm going to ov in a few days. Aiming for every day from about 3 days before ov and including ov. I think we'll need a rest after that! image I hope this does the trick as it is the one approach we haven't tried yet!

    Firework, good luck hiding the day counting / obsessive behaviour - this site will be a great help for that!

    PinkH, hope you get a more normal length cycle this time and that you ov soon!

    Really nice to 'meet' everyone.

  • Last month I was going to wait for AF but got impatient. I was desperate to test so I did at 11DPO - but once I got it out of my system and it was a BFN, I was happy to wait for AF to arrive. So I expect I might want to test early again! So long as I don't get addicted, I'm ok!

    Don't worry Tilty, it's hard not to get your hopes up every month anyway and to try to forget about dates, so I can see why it would be difficult to forget what a happy coincidence it would be to get a BFP on your anniversary. If we fell pg this month, baby would be due around our 1st anniversary :\)

    I really hope lots of BDing works! I know a lot of people say to give the swimmers a chance to recover, but then I've seen a lot of people try the 'every other day' technique for months without success and then BD every day and get pg. I worry about the every other day way because if you BD in the morning, OV in the night the next night and BD the next night, you might have missed OV completely! I think I am too obsessed already.

    Good plan Firework! Taking it easy is easy in theory but when you want something this much, it can be difficult to relax. We're all here to absorb the insanity!

    Hope OV is on time this month PinkH - are you using OPKs?

    Hi SD, how are you? Bet you're looking forward to your holiday! Hope you have a lovely anniversary.

    It's so nice to have people to go through this with. CD8 today, so OV in 3 or 4 days. Hopefully from my left ovary - is it weird that I get more EWCM when I OV from my left?! x
  • MrsHobbes, I could have just written your post about the every day vs. every other day arguments.

    I also worry about *not* BD-ing on a particular night if my body is giving me clear signs I'm fertile, as it seems my body is saying one thing but I'm not just for the sake of 'every other night' being the conventional wisdom.

    I've certainly seen enough ladies on here have no luck for ages and then try every night and suddenly get a BFP, so it has to be worth giving a go (assuming we can manage it of course and don't need a rest!)

    I'm not sure when I'll ov this cycle - the first one off the implant it was CD17 (I think), then CD 16 then CD14! So I'll start OPKs from about CD11 and listen to my body and see what happens...
  • I'm not 100% sure when i ovulate but I use the iperiod app on the iPhone and it works it all for you - going by the lengths of your cycles. It's deffo worth getting if you've got the iPhone xx
  • Hi Tilty - yes 30th May bride checking in he he I put a post up for us May09 brides to seek them all out.

    Hopefully the relaxed cant be bothered approach will work and get me a BFP!!

    MrsHobbes, tilty wildthing, firework, emsy - good luck to you all look forward to chatting to you

  • hi ladies can i join in too? im about the same as you will be due on 1st or 2nd june!! not sure what the cd means tho im new to this, had a miscarriage in march which was awful but i really want to try again asap!! xx
  • Hi Caz, welcome :\) So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Hope you're ok.

    CD is Cycle Day. CD1 is the first day of full flow of your period. Average cycle is 28 days, ovulating on CD14, although this varies for each person. The length of time between ovulating and coming on is your luteal phase, which is around 14 days (usually between 10 and 16). So my cycle is 26 days and I ovulate around CD12, giving me a luteal phase of 14 days. This leads to the phrase "the 2 week wait", or 2ww, between ovulating and waiting for your period/being able to do a pg test! Sorry if you knew any of that, thought I'd give you a heads up because you see a lot of it bandied around. Also, DPO is days past ovulation.

    I'm a bit obsessed, if you couldn't already tell!

    Good luck to you, sending you lots of babydust! x

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  • Hi everyone, do you mind if I join you, i'm currently on CD9 and this is my first month of TTC. I currently have a 7 month old son and me and my hubby are looking forward to giving him a brother or sister.
  • Hi Puddleduck, welcome to the craziness! This is our second cycle TTC our first. Good luck :\) x
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