Any advice for getting pregnant quicker?

I have been trying for just 1 month but wondered if there was anything else i could try other than the obvious of having lots of sex around ovulation time !
Me and husband are both healthy and no obvious reason why we wouldnt be able to conceive but would really like it to happen soon!!


  • if i knew that i wouldnt be on here!! lol weve been trying 7months and no luck so i probably wouldnt be any help. maybe try asking the girls pg forum? xx
  • 7 months? You cant go to drs til 1 year can you?
    Thanks for replying ! x
  • yeah think you have to wait a year, some girls on here been trying a lot longer than me. are you coming off pill or anything?
    were trying for baby no.2 so at least i know it will happen one day.
    good luck hun hope your not waiting too long xxx
  • Been off the pill sine July but only decided to start trying in May. Cant believe how gutted i was after i cam on period but i have to get it into my head it aint gonna happen the first month.
    Like you say seen as though its baby no 2 you know everything is working alright. I really hope i dont wait ages its like i am feel i am soo ready now x x x
  • hya i was ttc 4 4 months and i was reaing up on tips and calculating my ovulation ... oh frt i was nuts so i stoped doin all ov tht and guess wat i got a bfp on month 5 ov ttc , just let nature take its course , hope this helps xx los of baby dust xx
  • They say to take folic acid whilst trying to concieve and also during. that may help. x
  • my hubbie takes a zinc tablet from superdrug, and i take pregnacare tablets, also i lie down for 30 minutes after bding. It seemed to work got pg in 4 months, but sadly lost little bean at 9.1. Also, the one month i didn't symptom spot, take tests etc. i found out i was pg! it seems the more you want it, the less it is going to happen. So i keep saying 'ets just wait and see', however saying this, af is due tomorrow (first ttc since mmc) and have been thinking about it for AGES dpo 13 now...
  • my DH also takes zinc tablet (with vit c) and i take sanatogen pronatal with omega 3. the month i got BFP i was using ov sticks so i knew when i was ov, and we bd'd every other day (but some days once a day) around ovulation. I did lie down with legs in the air for a while after bd'ing. that month i was also completely full of PMA and was so determined, more than ever. oh and we had fun whilst BDing that month - other months it had been more of a "right we need to BD now" but that month we just had fun image
    Sadly like chocolate cake we lost our little bean recently.

    we're going to try again when i have my next AF and i think we are going to be more relaxed about it (yet I will still be determined, if that is possible to be both!) and i'm going to try not to POAS! we're going to take our tablets and i'm going to lie down etc after BDing, and i'm also going to try "visualising" as i think i did that during our successful month too.

    good luck hun xxx
  • Hi,

    I'm in a similar position to you, this is our first month ttc and like you been wondering how to speed up the process!! Friends and family have been lucky within first 1-3mths) so wondering if/how long it will take. I stopped taking the pill in March and have been taking folic acid every night since. I'm on CD 11 at the mo, what about you?

    Love Em J xx
  • Hi sorry i cant help im on month 15 ttc.

    If anybody does know please share it with us all lol!

    good luck jen xx
  • i tottaly agree wothu zammo its carzy and it jst proves hw much we all want it , wish thy was sumthing tht can speed up th process but it there just isnt , x
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