Pickle, where are you?

Has anyone seen / heard from Pickle? I miss her xx image


  • I just noticed you were back! You Ok?

  • Hey hunny im still around! I'm good thanku how are u doing?? Hope you're feeling ok, u know where i am if u ever need to talk cos i know what you've been through. We're not 'actively' trying right now, but not going back on the pill or anything. AF is with me now so yay she'll be gone for xmas so who knows what will happen over the festice periodimage xx
  • Glad you're OK. Thanks for the offer, I'm generally doing OK, have few down days but the good days are outnumbering them.

    Glad you're AF will have left you for Christmas, hopefully you'll get to have some funimage

  • So glad you're doing well image
    Hey hun this will make u laugh....got soooooo drunk friday night, and as AF is with me went out wearing a tampon, woke up and couldnt find it...lol i was like hmmmm did we have sex...??!!! i was pretty sure we had, cos u know, u can tell....but was so worried that i had to ask OH....to say he wasnt impressed is an understatement!!!! lol thats never happened to me before, and i really paid for it the next day...no more wine for me over xmas!!! xx
  • Your right that really did make me laugh...classic! :lol: Poor OH bless him!

    I'm planning on a having afew over Christmas, got quite a selection, Archers, Jacques, Strongbow, Slow Gin, decisons, decsions! Maybe you should keep off the lovely drinks on Christmas day :lol:
  • I still dont feel quite right now and its tuesday!!!! Lost some weight though which is lovely hehe but yes, no wine for me thats for sure. I'm actually glad that i can let my hair down this christmas and just enjoy myself, been so caught up in the whole TTC , i think it's going to be a good one image x x
  • Sounds fab, wish I could lose a bit of weight, I think I've put some on through through comfort eating, oh well you can probably guess what my new year resolution will be!

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