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My OH and I have decided that I will come off the pill in August and use condoms. The only problem is, he is so worried I'll get pregnant before we plan to in September because every time we've used a condom, they rip!

Does anyone know any good condoms? (to be honest, I don't really care if we get pregnant before but I think it would boost our sex life if we could actually get a condom that works!) :lol:


  • we used condoms b4 we started ttc for 2 years cos im rubbish at taking the pill and durex seems to b the best image xx
  • Never had any luck with condoms, we hate them god knows what we'll use for protection after next baby as I had no luck with injection, pill or coil either!!! Think Ill just keep having babies until the menopause HA HA HA xxxxxxxxxxx

  • I found when I used to use them many moons ago that if things were a little dry for me down there the condoms would rip. I used a little KY Jelly (on him once he is wearing the condom) and it was fine. Its a bit messy though. At least you will have fun trying out the different brands image
  • I liked the purple durex ones - a bit thiner and tended to be less smelly then the others....

    Also, have you thought about the cap? Bit yucky for some people but if you get the hang of it, your OH won't notice its in, (and its less effective than condoms so you might get a BFP - naughty suggestion, sorry...!)
  • I can't offer any advice I am afraid as I am allergic to them!! lol xx
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