Calling all cbfm users...

How many of you get highs from cd8-10 of your cycle? If there's anyone, do you mind me asking how long your cycles are and what cd you normally ov? Thanks! xxx image


  • I do. My cycles are usually 27-29 days although my peaks come between cd13 and 15. Hope that helps x
  • My cycle is usually between 31 and 33 days so I usually get a peak around day 17/18.

    How long have you been using the CBFM - as that can make a difference to your results?
  • thanks guys, i'm normally 35 days ish, and my cbfm, has been set now for 4 cycles, used it before my mmc and highs started cd17, peak cd 19, sinc mmc i used it and then would re set it for the next cycle, i was 12 weeks so body took a while to sort itself out! but even since i reset it a few cycles ago it didn't do this on the 1st one or 2! lol xx
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