Think I'm out, light bleeding on cd22

Well I have got a bit of blood this morning so think I'm out and will be on to month 2 of ttc. I'm on cd22 and if I'm right 5dpo. Have got a little dull ache in my belly too, I'm trying to stay positive as I bled the same when i conceived my daughter (actually thought my af had arrived) but I'm not confident.

Part of me wants to take a pg test but I know if I am just 5dpo it's too early & I'm sure that's also too early for implantation. I don't think I got my ov date wrong as I had a very strong + on an opk. It's possible I'm having a pre af bleed and maybe my af will be 28 days again but who knows.

So I'm sat downstairs on my own feeling rather bummed, I know my hubby will be so disappointed too.


  • Ah hun thats crap but it sounds as though youre not completely out of it just yet! If its only a light bleed then you may well be having an implanttation bleed. Our bodies are very strange things so dont give up just yet xx
  • Ah hun.... hugs for you, but as jay says your not completely out! fingers crossed its implantation!
  • Hun 5dpo for implantation is completely possible. Unless you have a short LP that you know about I can't see a reason why you'd get AF 5 days after ov? Is it light pink blood or very brown? You are too early for a pg test hun so just hang on in there for a few more days and keep up the pma!

    I'm also CD22 but 12dpo xx
  • Hey dont rule yourself out just yet huni you never no!! image x
  • Hey love!

    Im on CD24 and had spotting today too, fingers crossed its implantation for us both image
    When u testing? xx
  • i had spotting both times i found out i was pregnant. the first time i was on month 3 of TTC and i was so upset but it turned out i was preggy and i had no idea i thought it was af!
    sadly i had a m/c but 6 weeks later waiting for my period i had another bleed and again thought it was my period but i was pregnant again and this time it ended happily!

    the first time i think i was about 10DPO but i couldnt be sure as my cycles are erratic

    good luck hun xxxxxxx
  • Soz for late reply, couldnt get back on yesterday as lo is poorly so taking up all my time !

    Well no more blood this morning (so far) so crossed fingers ! Still got "that" ache in my tummy though.

    Princessmimi - the blood was very light pink and only there when i wiped and only the one time in the morning.

    MrsJohnstone - I dont know when to test. I dont wanna test too early but also am mega impatient !! I'm 6dpo now so i'm guessing the earliest will probably be sunday/monday ?? Seems like a lifetime away though !

    Must admit my PMA is slipping away. I told my hubby this morning about the bleeding but he also remembered that the same happened with my lo and that I thought my af was coming so he's now smiling with optimism bless him. Which makes it worse in some ways as now I think he'll be disappointed. :\(
  • I would say that if its stopped then its not a period, my bleeding was yesterday but only when i wiped and was browny/pinky, not proper blood, also got really sore tummy low down, fingers crossed. I tested ast night even tho i know its too early to tell lol!!
    So will wait again until monday image x
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