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Hi. I was married 3 weeks ago and whilst on honeymoon me and my Husband decided to TTC our first baby. I came off the pill last Sunday and have just finished my withdrawl bleed. Does anybody know how long it takes after that to ovulate? I have heard that you should count CD1 as the first day you should have took your next pill and not the first day of your withdrawl bleed? I would love to fall pregnant straight away and want to make the best of my chances from the start.

Bee x


  • Hi there,

    I'm a newbie too!

    Can't directly answer your question as after coming off the pill of 12 years, it took me quite a few months to get back to normal. I think you may get a varied response from people about this, but it isn't uncommon for women to get pregnant in the first month so happy BDing!

    Hope you get your BFP soon and Congrats on the marriage too x
  • Hi broodyee and welcome!

    Firstly, massive congrats on getting married!!! Hope it was a wonderful day : ) I just got married in August so still considering myself a newlywed too! : )

    Not sure about the answer to your question however - I have never heard that said about counting from the first day you should have taken your next pill but I would be really interested to know if it's true. We're on our first month ttc too and I have counted from the first day of my withdrwal bleed after coming off the pill, so I might have been planning all wrong if that's the case!!!

    Anyway, good luck with ttc, hopefully it happens for all of us soon!.x.
  • Oops, sorry for typing your name wrong too!.x.
  • Hi Bee,

    Congratulations on your recent wedding and fantastic decision to start ttc!

    Hopefully being in the after glow of your wedding and having just been on your honeymoon will improve your chances of conceiving asap (not to mention now not having the stress of organising a wedding).

    Can't offer any help in the way of when CD1 would begin, sorry. Just wanted to say welcome! xx

  • Hi, I'm quite new here as well and have found it soo helpful!

    Congrats on your wedding! I have gathered that CD 1 is the first day of your period, you ovulate anytime from CD 10 to 17, it all depends on your cycle really and as you are only just off the pill it might be a while before your cycle settles. I'm in the same situation, I'm on my withdrawal bleed as from yesterday so I'm just crossing all fingers and toes and BD'ing as much as we can this month image

    good luck hun xx
  • Thanks for the warm welcome, I think I will do the same as you Huni and BD as much as poss and hope for the best lol. I had to come off the pill 3 years ago for 8 months as had a bag leg injury and was off my feet a while (because of DVT and all that) and my cycle returned immidietely to a 28 day cycle so i am hoping it will do the same again. Fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone, there seems to be quite a few of us on our first month trying.

    x x
  • Hi Broodybee!

    Me and my hubby are on our first month of trying too! I'm not sure I can answer your question about your cycle, but I have read that some women are super-fertile as soon as they come off the pill so I'd get plenty of BD'ing in this month if I were you!

    Good luck pet, looking forward to chatting to you on here! xx
  • hi sweetie, congrats on the wedding hope you had a fab day!! i too got married in august and now ttc month 1!
    CD1 is the first day of your period, not the day you meant to take the pill. you can tell when you are oving by 3 things BT= basal temperature readings, CM=Cervial Mucus and OPK'S ovualtion predicter kits. if you are in no rush you might want to just give it a go, but if you are anything like the rest of us on BE then you will start gettign impatient quickly.
    what i would recommend if its the latter, buying a basal thermometer from amazon asap, and start taking your temperature daily first thing. this will give you something to compare to in month 2. the more info you have each month the easier it is to pinpoint when you ov. if you have a 28 day cycle, i would say maybe start testing using opk's from day 10-12, this will confirm if after the pill a egg is being released. once you get a positive opk, it means within 12-36hrs you will ovualte - in which case you get b'ding!!!!. i got my opk's from wilkinsons and so glad i did as not knowing if you have ov'd can get you down and after coming off the pill your body can go all over the place, so i used opk;s as needed to know that i would ov, god i am sorry this is so long!
    anyway, keep b'ding and if you can make notes on the changes of your CM daily so when you know how long your cycle is you can compare next month

    good luck xxxx

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  • Thanks Mrs Pointin that's really good advice, will go to Wilkos and get some, opk's if I go from the first day of my period it means I am on CD5 so better get some quick image
  • you can get strips or tests like pg tests, i recommend the pg tests as they are easier to read. from say cd10, test twice a day, for example 12pm mid-day and 10pm then you cover both 12hr surges, as you can easily miss it if you only do once a day. as soon as you get the positive result it means get B'DING as much as poss!! let me know if you have any q's! xxxxx
  • Cant help much as when i came off the pill i had a 3 day bleed then waited 92 ish days for another af

    Good Luck xx
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