TTC with coeliac disease?

Hello Girls!! image
Just wondered if anyone on here is TTC with coeliac disease and how it's going? xxxx


  • My doctors wont label coeliacs disease but have told me I am allergic to wheat and gluten so have a restricted diet. I also dont have any dairy products so meat and salad it is (or veg!)
    I also have PCOS and started ttc in 2002 had my ds1 in 2007 and ds2in dec09. now ttc number3.
    Can't say it affected me a great deal ttc - symptoms got better during pregnancy but came back with a vengance each time after birth. Restricted diet did help to ensure I was eating healthily!!
    good luck ttc
  • G/c from born in feb 2010, one of our ladies has it so try a Fao.
    My DD2 has it she's only 3 but has it very serever was diognosed at 16months old after 3 months of symptoms n doc's saying it was a tummy bug. hope you dont have to try from long. xxx
  • Thank you ladies, sounds positive then, I can't help but worry though, oops!! xx
  • Hiya Mrs22
    I have ceoliac and i have conceived in month 1, and i also have a 17 month old girl. I found last time that my sypmtoms cleared up and i ate what i liked when pregnant but after she was born they came back and worse! image
    I am only 5-6 weeks preg atm and ive got a docs appmnt at 4pm today as ive had bad diahorrea the past few days generally feel like shit! image

  • I hope it goes well tomorrow!! image
    Did you with this or your lats pregnancy take a higher dose of folic acid? I have been recieving conflicting advice about whether or not it is necescary?!? xx
  • No i just take one a day, have u heard that you were to take a higher dose having ceoliac? xx
  • G/C - I have coeliac and pregnant with my second child. You only need to take the standard dose of folic acid (I checked first pg).

    Just be careful not to eat anything with gluten etc in it and you'll be fine. If you eat gluten whilst TTC and whilst pg it can lead to trouble conceiving or early mc. Just a warning! But so long as you stick to your diet you'll be fine.
  • A GP mentioned a 5mg dose of folic acid instead of the usual 0.4mg but it sees to vary depending on who you speak to, but at the moment I am just taking a normal dose but was worried I was doing something wrong. image

    It's really nice to have other CD experts to ask, as my doctors seem abit clueless.... The best experts are us!! xx
  • with my daughter iv found most docs are bit clueless when it comes to ceoliac. xx
  • Very annoying, but nevermind. image xxx
  • I had to take double the dosage of folic acid as prescribed by my gynae consultant so I took folic on its own and also the complete vitamins from pregnacare. Something to do with boosting my intake and absorbtion due to diet. Also had to make sure I had plenty of vit c(i think) that helps folic absorb into system. Have stockpiled folic as I am taking double again for ttc no3. hope this helps
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