Any younger ladies TTC??

Hi there, im 23 years old and am TTC with my OH of 4 years now. We feel so ready for a family, both have stable jobs, own house, little dog, picket fence etc, etc lol. WE feel a little baby would complete our family life. Were 3 months TTC and its so frustrating, trying so hard, following the diets, ovualtion times, exercise and that. Im so impatient too! I get the impression many people feel 23 is young for wanting such committment but were ready!

anyone else in the same boat?



  • I am 25 also on month 3 ttc. My lil sis is 6 months pg at 23 it took her 3 months. Your not alone. Age is irrelevant if you are ready you are ready!
  • oh, i like the title of being young, im 25 and feel old...that could be partly due to the fact were trying for our 3rd tho...have 2 lo's who r 3 and 4 in month14, but have mc 3x since we started, ggrr xxxxxxx
  • hiya, planning on ttc next year, 22 now, will be 23 then, 24 when baby born if all goes to plan! when you are ready you are ready, womans body most fertile in early twenties so only natural!
  • Hi, I have just found out im pg (6 wks now), and Im 24 and will be 25 when our little bean's born.

    I think your ready when your ready but I did want to be relatively young mum. x

  • Hi. I'm 24, have a 3 month old little girl and this is my first month of ttc number 2. Age IS irrelevant, it's mentality that's important.
  • Hi, I had my lo when I was 36 and I'd wanted a child since I was 15!!! I wish I had had her when I was a lot younger so that I would've had time to have more than the one that I'm trying for now-will be 40 this year. Being a mum is the best job in the world. I am sure if you feel you are ready then thats fine and leaves you plenty of time to have at least 6!!!LOL!!xxx
  • Hey guys,

    I am 24 and have been ttc for over 2 years now, getting frustrated
    Age means nothing these days, my husband is nearly 40 and he is no more ready than i am.

    Wishing everyone all the luck in the world! xx
  • hi im 23 and me and hubby are trying for number 2. i love being a young mum even tho lo number one was a surprise(from past relationship). hubby is 30 and only just feels ready for a baby so we meet at the right time i think,lol.
    anyway lots of people say im too young to be married and have a kid but its my life and we both work full time,have our own cars,our own house and our lo doesnt go without. we only want one more child so this will be my one and only chance of trying for a baby and last time of seeing a bfp unless we get any more suprises! (never say never my mum told me) there are definatly pros and cons to being a young mum as there is with waiting to be a mum. i just always bear in mind that some women didnt CHOSE to wait it just happened to be that way,if it was due to not finding the right partner or medical reasons.
    good luck to all you mummies to be. hope we all ghet our BFP soon x
  • hi all, im kim im 19 and have a 13month old son called blake with my oh who is 31. we are going to start ttc number 2 in the next couple of months, gonna try for a girl so if anyone knows any tips for 'influencing' the sex i would be most grateful! x
  • hi i'm 25 and trying for our first me and dh have been married 4 years in august and have been ttc since last august. We've had two mc so far and am hoping for third time lucky. Some people have said we should wait but we both work have our own home so why shouldn't we have a baby now
  • hi im 22 and i am ttc and this is month 9 so gettin a bit worried now grrr i know what you mean about age being irrelant everyone thinks im mad for getting married and buyin a house and wantin a family
  • hi, im 19 with an 8 month old and me and my oh plan to start trying in a couple of months time for baby number two! me and oh have our own house, wana get married in a few years so its perfect adding another lo into our family, people may think im crazy as im so young, but i wouldn't have it any other way x
  • Hi, I'm 25 and my dh 30. We have been married a year now and ttc 9 months. I am the youngest out of all my friendship group, some who are married with babies, others that are not in a relationship. I feel a lot older than 25 becasue all my friends are. I def feel ready to go for it though and desperately want a little one to make our family even better than it already is.
  • Hi,

    I'm 23 and DH has just turned 30 and we're in month 9 of ttc #2 as we already have a beautiful daughter who is 2.5yrs. I don't particular feel young to be in myself but it doesn't stop people judging you for having a child young (had daughter at 20) and u will still find people tell u but u should enjoy life with out the ties! But they are not a tie they're a blessing i've done everything i would have done with out her!

    So if u feel ready go 4 it!!!
    Good luck.
  • Oh god! Am feeling old.... I'm 29 and the only one of my friends that is married - none of them even have long-term boyfriends, so I felt young to be doing this (OH is 37).

    Goodness me - am actually geriatric by these standards! Good for all us though - it just shows whatever age you are, when you're ttc, it certainly dominates your life.
  • yeah it totally does dominate your life. But thats cause we want it so badly.

    What does everyone do to take their minds of ttc?

  • Not sure if I class as young or not...!!!

    I'm 27 (28 im a few weeks) but I feel like I am ttc young as all of my friends aren't interested yet - they are all too busy with their careers. But I am desperate to be a mum.

    My whole life at the mo revolves around ttc. Never thought I would be like this. But then I naively thought it would be soooo easy to get pg (and stay pg) But it's really not... image
  • Hi girls

    I am 26 and hubby is 28 and this is our 2nd month TTC. I do have two other friends who have babies one older than me and one younger though when I tell people we would love a baby I always get funny looks, they say oh your still young enjoy your life, it really grates on me.

    k XX

  • Why do people say things like that? Everyone always says you have plenty time, just enjoy the time you have together.

    I like it to hunger, if i am hungry i don't want to wait until i am starving until i have something to eat. I want it

  • LOL thats a very good way of looking at it. It drives me mad it really does hubby and I are so ready right now and it's something that is very important to us but others don't seem to see that, they just see we are young so why start so early. Though i don;t think i am actually that young you know.

    K xx

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