Clearblue + - tests

Just a quick question to all you lovely ladies! Has any one had a really thin line on these tests,
just want to know if these ones were prone to false positives thankyou xx


  • pavy might you be???? image

    im sure people have chick,have you checked on their website if it has anything? xx
  • errrrr- pavs??? x x x
  • Hi,

    I did on a couple of those tests and for me, unfortunately I wasn't pg. If you're getting a thin line on those maybe use a FR or superdrug one as they are more sensitive and if it is a + they should show it more clearly. Fingers crossed it is your BFP xx
  • It was a false positive after all, i have to say that if i was ttc then i would have been so excited to have seen the very definate + symbol only for it to have been a false test.. I asked the original question as this is the 2nd one i have had with these tests, its not an evap line its very blue but not very thick... Please stay away from these tests as they will break your heart xx I will post a picture just to show you how positive they look xx

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  • The top one was afternoon wee yesterday, the bottom one was FMU today.. Hope you can see the line x

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  • g/c sorry :lol:

    WOW if i had got that line i would be shouting bfp from the roof tops.....

    I never used these tests as a few people have said about getting the blue line and not being preg......

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  • .

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  • ah pavy see what you mean chick,would be gutting for someone to see that,omplaine then you'l get free tests image
  • Thanks for looking for me! Af is 10 days late, I was testing every day with asda ones then yesterday the clear blue was on offer! It came up straight away, I had a CB do that to me in Jan one day bfp the next nothing! Asda ones were all neg too x
  • Hi,

    That's exactly the line I got twice on those tests only to get BFN on all the other tests. I was livid with them for messing with my emotions like that. There is a thread on baby and bump which a lot of girls have had tests like yours that were negative. For the price of them it's blooming awful isn't it. How early did you test? It may still happen this month - fingers crossed

  • oh pavs - that really sucks - i would def have thought it was a positive with that line - can i send even bigger hugs down the adsl line for you to catch - kisses from toby and i am sure Roddy will give mummy fab hugs today too - x x x x x
  • A similar thing happened to me with a first response, so I know exactly how you feel. Its gutting. I wrote a complaint letter and they sent me some free stuff. It didn't change the outcome, I wasn't pregnant, but it made me feel a bit better to do something about it.
  • Hi there, not sure if this will help or not, but my sister in law got 6 negative tests with ASDA tests, she was 3 weeks late and finally got a BFP with an ASDA test, but it took so long to show, maybe the ASDA test are no very sensitive and the CB is correct?

    Hope this helps?
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