Spoiling yourself...

You know how crappy you feel after getting a BFN or have low PMA, do you do anything to spoil yourself and feel better about it?

I'm not out yet this month but feeling kinda lonely since DH is away on business and thinking of getting my haircut this week - that always makes me feel a bit more "pretty" image and not so frumpy housewifey...

fingers crossed for loads of BFPs this week!!!!


  • I have a reflexology session. It is supposed to help balance your cycle if you have in on one of days CD1-5. I love it. 1hour of bliss. It always makes me feel more positive afterwards,
    What about you?
  • I've always wanted to try reflexology and never have... maybe I will this month!?

    I sometimes just go for stroll through the shopping centre (by myself!) to window shop which is bliss - I have a 2 yo dd so sometimes it's more stressful than anything!!!
  • Hehe, after my faint lines then the arrival of my AF i spent ??200 shopping! oops hehe, Treated myself to a new bag, new shoes and some new tops.

  • As this is my first month ttc i haven't had to do anything yet but as it's getting increasingly like i'm out this month i have found myself turning to shopping!! hehe. Like you MPP, i spent a fortune on saturday but it felt oh so good!
  • sorry to sound thick lol, but what is pma? as soon as i got my af, i went shopping and treated myself to new harem trousers lol. this is now the 3rd month of trying, and it feels like i wont get my bfp image but got it within first month of trying with both of my boys. seems hard to get it after i had my mc end of march x
  • PMA is positive mental attitude...

    Sounds like retail therapy is a common theme! I have cramps (tmi) but no spotting yet so I don't count myself out just yet but that didn't stop me from buying a new handbag on the weekend!!! I'm keepingi my spending to the minimum as I have a sick cat which is costing me mint on vet fees - she's worth the $$ though...

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  • Ahh, whats wrong with your cat hun? x
  • She'll be OK... She has crystals in her urine/bladder and so they thought she had bladder stones which would have to be surgically removed but the xrays this morning ruled out that out - thankfully!

    I have money to spend again... Spotting has started with me now and I really thought we had a chance this month :cry:
  • We never really have any money so I usually spoil myself in my ds if that makes sense? Everytime I get AF (we're on month 7) I try to remember how lucky I am to already have him.

    Fingers crossed you're still in with a chance frillypink* - how long have you been trying for? x
  • We're about the same goonie... Since Sept 09 but off and on as DH is overseas alot and his schedule and my bodies' schedule just don't seem to coincide too well!
  • Thats rubbish, very frustrating! Am I right in thinking you're possibly in Canada? I don't get on here too often so fall behind with things! x
  • Sure am - Western Toronto area... Freakin' hot and humid today so I made a mental note not to be heavily pregs during the summer!!

    Where do you live?
  • We're in the UK! Not so hot here though! x
  • It never is, that's why I needed to leave!! I lived in N. Ireland for 3.5 years - dd is born there too - but I was so homesick and just wanted to go home... In the meantime we lived int he States too but it's good to be here with family...

    Do miss treating myself at Next and those great post-Christmas sales they have!!!!
  • Got to love Next sales!

    Hubby has been to Canada twice, for 6 weeks each time (he's in the army) and he says one day he'll take me back with him!
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