Who is due to OV on CD15

Hi girls,

I am on my 3rd month of trying, my first real af was 28 days and my last one was 30 days so I checked on line and it says CD15 is when I am due to OV. Sadly I have thrush again from where i have been last week and so took a pill yesterday and it says it should be 3-5 days. I am off to Barcelona this friday so really we can't bd till sunday which will be CD 13 do you think this will be ok. I really do not want to miss it this month though I guess really there is not much we can do about it anyway?

So who is with me who is OV on the 15 or around there?

k xx


  • Hi K,
    Do you mean ov on CD15 or on 15th of this month?? My cycles are a bit messed up at the mo but theoretically I should be ov on 16th this month...I think....

  • Hi K, if you do ov on cd15, then bd'g on cd13 should be fine, as there will be plenty of swimmers in place ready to swoop on eggie!

    Have a fab time in Barcelona, you lucky thing! xx
  • Oh sorry I mean both really I had my first day of my cyc on 1st July, so it;s the 15th of this month and also CD15 for meimage

    Yeah i am not too hung up on it i think that should be enough time. I was going to get the OV sticks but I was worried I would do it and that it would not show up at all and that would only get me worked up and upset if i did not think i was oving.

    k XX

  • I am so shocked how calm and relaxed I feel this month about trying. I am on CD 9 and not checked CM or Cervix once yetimage Who is proud of me ha ha ha

    K xx

  • hopefully you being relaxed this be the month it happens. i put my dates into babycentre. it told me to bd between cd12 and cd18 so you should be fine.xx
  • Mine is the same as yours honey so looks like we will be bding loads next week lol.

    I am not sure if to do it every day or every other day as I just read it can not be good quality sperm if it's done every day?

    k XX


  • I had heard this too, so we went for every other day for the most of the cycle and then every day when I ovulated for about five days in a row. I really hope this month is 'the' month for you xx
  • Thanks babe thats the thing i am away this weekend so I get back on sunday and we will Bding then but I am due to OV some day next week so not sure if i should do it every day or every other day xx


  • sorry never put in my post im cd17 so been doing my bdancing this week.lol. we did set out to do it every other day but we have kinda only missed one day. coming off pill has given me a new lease of life.lol.

    i have read that it not great idea to do it everyday but when i conceived first one we done it most days for the 2weeks after i finished af. i wasnt sure of how to count dates and stuff then.
  • I see - I am just not sure what to do to be honest. I guess ebvery other day would still be ok and also it means I might enjoy it more as every night for a week seems to knock us both out LOL

    K xx


  • i think you be fine every other day. you would catch it at some point in the week. i tell you what but if i dont fall this month i wont be keeping up the every night either. just a novelty at the moment coz i had no drive whatsoever when i was on pill.xx
  • I use to have a very high sex drive on the pill but now i am off it i am hardly up for it. It could just be the fact it;s become a baby making thing rather than actually enjoying just the the sex you know image

    k XX

  • its hard not to think about it isnt it. you tell yourself to relax but its still at the back of your mind. maybe having you weekend away from oh will help things this month. after not seeing each other for a few days. that is strange how your sex drive has lowered after pill. im really thinking about not going back on it after preg coz it really played havic with mine (and my relationship because of it).
  • Yeah i am not going back on it either. In fact that were about to take me off it anyway as it gave me high BP.

    Yeah i am really hoping once i get back on sunday I would of really missed OH and so it will be cool then and the same all week, plus i am going to try and relax and have some real fun this weekendimage

    I am hoping that it will help image


  • im sure it will help relax you. i feel quite relaxed as well at the moment then again its only my first month we see if im the same next time round. all i have done this month is watch my dates no other spotting. just hope i can keep my relaxed attitude till the end of the month for testing.lol.

    enjoy the bdancing .lol.xx
  • LOL thanks love.

    I was checking everything under the sun, CM was the thing i checked the most was driving people mad about it on here but I have not checked at all and i am feeling better for it.

    I was going to buy OV sticks and also take my morning temp but I want to try and have some fun with it first before i start to do all that as you can get so caught up on it.

    k xx
  • i think im due to ov on the 17th....so around about then x
  • woo hoo another one, look at all of us, doing it at the same time lol

    k xx
  • i'm due to ov on the 19th so kind of close image
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