AF question (sorry if TMI)


Just wondered if anyone knew what the difference between red and brown blood is. I only started getting brown blood at the start and end of af in the past couple of years and it can be quite thick and stringy (sorry told you tmi :lol: ) Am worried it's because my eggs are getting old (I'm nearly 34).


  • Brown blood is old blood, so it's the slow drip if you like. Where af is starting up, then slowing down at the end. xx
  • i've always had this at the start and end all through my 20's so I wouldn't worry about your age!
  • I always get this too and I am in my late 20's - had it for years!!
  • I get it too! It's quite normal so don't worry about it. Plus, you're not ageing to fast!! 33 is nothing!! Hope you get your BFP soon.


  • Thanks girls - this site is great - I've gone for ages thinking there's something up with me and a quick query on here makes you realise your normal (or at least semi-normal :lol: )

    And thanks MrsHopeful for telling me I'm not too old - my body clock has started ticking even louder than usual in recent weeks!
  • Hey........ Steady on
    Im 33 and feel in my 20's lol.
    I have always had the brown blood at the start and end of my af for as long as I can remember so we will have less of that "tic toc tic toc" lol
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