Hi Im new! Can anyone help? Confused!

This is my first post in here as we got married on the 1st of November & are TTC so I thought I would start in here now! (moved over from YAYW!)

Anyway I am a bit confused over my dates etc and I wondered if any of you could help me make sense of it?

Ok so I had a Mirena coil for about 3 years and then had it removed on 10th July when I was bleeding lightly then the bleeding continued until the 18th of July when it stopped. My periods were kinda all over the place whilst I was on the coil but they were generally around the beginning of each month...
I then came on again on the 18th of August (so a 30 day cycle?), again on the 18th of September (31Days?) then I didn't come on again until the 27th of October...

I am now not sure when I am meant to come on? We obviously haven't been using protection since the wedding so I guess I could be pregnant but without knowing when I am meant to come on how do I know when to do a test?! When would you do a test?!

I was thinking of perhaps doing one on the 1st of December if I haven't come on by then?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!image


  • i went on a website called www.mymonthlycycles.com and o can input the dates of your periods for the last few months and it tells you when your next one is due, average cycle length, roughly when you will ov etc.
    take a look at it? x
  • Hi!

    I'm new here too, was in YAYW too, got married in August and this is our second month of trying, currently in the dreaded 2WW!

    Normally test if 28 days have gone (in a "normal" cycle), if you haven't seen AF! It depends how long your cycle is, I would wait until day 32 then try in your case hun.

    Good luck and lots of baby dust!
  • Thanks both! I shall take a look at that website then and see what it says.

    Good luck to theboth of you with TTC!
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