Cycle Day 1

I am just about to get my af - i can feel it in my tummy......

As its late in the evening is today my day one or do i count tomorrow? common sense would say today but you never know with these things do you!!

yay - i can officially start trying now!!


  • I'm with you, I'm sure af is just around the corner! As a newbie, I'm also not sure when you start counting from.

    TTC here we come!
  • I have been advised by doctors/nurses that you should count day 1 from the first day of getting RED bleeding. This may sound obviuos but I was getting brown/pinkish spotting a few days before red bleeding and was counting that as day 1! Hope that helps x
  • Yeah HOPE4ABAMBINO is right. I think CD1 is the first day of bright red blood!

  • Thanks for that, you don't really know until you ask!
  • hiya. i reckon im also with you guys. af arrived today and seems bright red (sorry tmi) straight away so i take it im counting from today.
  • i always count CD1 as first day of proper red blood

    good luck for the coming month for those on CD1 image xxxx
  • Thats great thanks - its one of those really silly questions isnt it - if i come at at 11 at night is it that day or shall i count the following day!!!

    Good luck to you all!
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