Light Pink Blood - Now turned brownish (sorry if TMI!)

Hi Ladies

I came off the pill in September to start TTC and didnt get AF at all so by december I booked appt with Docs, went for scan and was diagnosed with PCOS :cry:

So had nothing at all and I think I spotted ovulation at the beginning of the new year

Just went to the ladies (sorry if this is TMI!!!) but nothing in my knickers but when I wiped there was a light pink patch?? Do you think this is AF coming? Been back a couple of times since and nothing else! When I used to come on I came on and that was it, so never had this before?

Be interested to hear your thoughts ladies


So this is now 2 days on and still only have anything when I wipe but it is now brown?? Does anyone get this before there AF comes on or could it be implanation? I am about 14DPO today and no sign of AF still - did pregnancy test this morning and BFN:cry:


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  • Hi hun,

    It could be implantation bleeding or af spotting, when are you due a period do you know if you havent had one if you know what I mean.

    Sorry I cant be much help am not familiar with PCOS, hope you get the desired outcome xx
  • Hi Sparkling Diamond

    thanks for the response, I havent had AF since sept and PCOS just messes your cycle and the missing AF was the trigger which made me go to the docs. I think it is AF on its way but how great would it be if it was implantation!!! TBH, either way its great, AF will just mean my body is getting back to normal! I never had spotting before AF before but then that doesnt really mean anything - Time will tell anyway!!
  • If you ovulated at the beginning of the month then it could well be AF as it's usually roughly 14 days after ov. Or, if you have a long cycle, which you won't know yet, then it could be implantation bleeding. I'd see if you have more bleeding tomorrow (I know it's horrible waiting!) and maybe if AF doesn't turn up then do a test on Thursday morning? Good luck!!! xx
  • Thanks HappyMrsS - Well just had a look back and I think I olvulated about 12 - 14 days ago but as you say I have NO idea how long my cycle is as current its about 120 days!!! ha ha!!! Hoping for implantation but realistically will be start of AF - Nothing else happening at the moment so will keep an eye on it and if no AF by thursday will do a test friday morning I think - Fingers crossed!image
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