excited to be joining you :)

Ive got one more af and then my oh will be constantly smiling from ear to ear as we ttc beginning of enxt month./ Ive never takent eh pill but my hubby uses the contraception! So he will be pelased when he can get rid of it lol!

Unfortunately but also fortuantely I only went 1 month with no af despite bf my lo who is 19mths for 12mths. somebody said this means 'Im more fertile - I wont hold onto that but it would be lovely if it is true!

A bit about ttc my lo. We got married in summer 07 and decided that we were going to only use contraception around ovulation and if my cycle changedd slightly and I fell pregnant then we would be happy. If we were very carefull and I didnt they we would still be happy. Well month 2 and we were away from home and having happy times un the duvet and forgot I was ovulating. 8 months later my baby arrived! My hubby has wanted to ttc for a while but I want to wait for another lo to arrive once my lo has turned 2 incase we fell pg straight away. I bf her until 13mths and she didnt start sleeping through until 14mthish, so its been nice to ahve some me time back before being pregnant again! We are also waiting until feb as my hubby would like to avoid a aug/sept baby and as out lo came a month early we are aiming for end of oct lol! Watch this space!

So when feb arriveswe will relax and enjoy and see what happens image


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