The Waiting Game

Hi Ladies
I am new to the site so Hi to you all!

My hubby and I got married last year and I came off the pill in October after 13 years on it. We used protection until February this year so my periods could get back to normal, which did happen straight away!

We naively thought that we would get pregnant straight away but so far nothing, well I am due on today and normally regular as clock work but nothing yet. I am itching to do a test but was so gutted last month. I never thought I would NEED this so much, and then today my very best friend has told me she is pregnant which I am so pleased about but now all I can think is how lovely it would be if I could be pregnant this time and we could go through the experience together.

How long has everyone else been trying?


  • You sound just like me! I came off the pill at christmas to let my body get back to normal, and we started trying early march. We also naively thought it would happen in the first couple of months, and here we are on month 4.

    I ovulated yesterday and it's our 10 year anniversary tomorrow (we've been married 2 years) so i'm really hoping this is going to be our month.

    My best friend also told me she was pregnant a few days after my last AF. I'm over the moon for her, but i really really love the idea of being pregnant together.
  • p.s. - do a test!!!!
  • hiya, im the same, i always knew i really wanted children, but i never realised how much my body would need it! i also neevr thought it would take this long! im no on my 6th month. ps maybe test? and its awful when someone else announces a bfp! u try and be happy for them , but it just hurts so much! hope ur ok image good luck xxxxxxxx
  • Thanks for the replies ladies.

    Still no AF but I have decided to resist the temptation of testing until the weekend - will aim for Sunday but if it drives me mad will go for tomorrow if AF does not show up (fingers crossed it doesn't)!!!!

    Today it is all I can think about. I keep nipping to the loo to check - I think I may be insane by tomorrow!


    Positive vibes to you all!

    x x x
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