I've started my own blog....

....and you are all invited.

It's called "which comes first....the sperm or the egg?"

I decided to start my own blog because I need a place to write my thoughts. I've been trying for a baby for over a year and even though I have a lot of people I can talk to, I needed a space that I can write how I am feeling and to make friends who are in similar situations. Anyone can join in and there is also a chance for guest bloggers. If you feel passionate about a certain situation and you want to write about it, you can send me the text and I will post it. It's a place for when you are feeling down and need a chat, I will always be online.

I know this forum is probably very similar to what I am talking about but it helps me deal with my feelings as I have felt recently like i'm not dealing with it very well.

If you are interested and you want to join in, here is the blog address:


This link is the first link to introduce myself and why I have started my blog. There are 2 other posts about my background and one about what is "trying" for a baby.

Also, there are aspects of fertility that I don't have a clue about so it's also a place to learn things like PCOS or endometriosis. We could all learn from each other.

I hope you all join me for a chat soon.



p.s. please don't feel you have to comment. As I said it is an area for myself but anyone can join in.

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  • well done!

    I'm a blogger too since 2006, after we got married. I blog mainly about what we're up to since DH's family is overseas and they're interested in our dd mainly.

    We've been trying for a year soon as well and I have thought about starting up another blog just for that reason - but private meaning nobody knows about it... If i ever get pregnant, I'll just continue with our family blog and talk about it but you have a good idea and I may just start my own ttc blog too... Sometimes I feel like shouting because i'm so frustrated and writing helps me express myself but my blog is far too public to discuss something so private....

    i'll bookmark yours - my blog address is:

    I'm gonna think about the ttc blog idea - if I do go ahead, I'll let you know.

    gl - i hope you're blogging about your bfp very soon!

  • Aaah, thank you. I was in two minds about starting a blog but all my family know that I am trying and I don't think any of my work colleagues will come across the blog.

    I know exactly what you mean about frustration and writing really does help. I feel so much happier today that I have got all my thoughts down and I have so much more to write. It will also help my mum know how i am feeling without me bursting into tears.

    Thanks for your blog address. I will definitley have a look and bookmark.

    Thanks so much for replying and the good luck message. Good luck to you too. xx
  • by the way your daughter is beautiful. xx
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