Newbie!! AF Due TODAY!!

He everyone!! I have been reading te posts on here for a while but too scared to say hello! I am Hayley, 21 years old and first month of trying!! Done tons of Bd'ing this month so am keeping fingers crossed AF doesn't show!! Trying to hold off testing at the mo!! Will Keep u updated!! Good Luck to everyone!!


  • Good luck and lots of babydust - sounds hopeful if your af has not arrived. Let us know how you get on. I just got my BFP in month 5 ttc.
    Rachel x
  • Hi HayleyJayne87, Welcome to the site and well done for posting. Everyone on here are very nice and will offer you good advice if they can. Hope AF stays away for you, good luck.xx

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  • Good luck keep us posted x
  • hi, welcome to the site..glad to see im not the only newbie here. good luckx
  • hiya, i havent been on here long but every one is really nice we are in month 3 of ttc, still no bfp, if af hasnt arrived is a good sign lets hope she stays away for you x lots of sticky babydust xxx
  • i hope she stays away from you. Good luck and keep us all posted xx
  • Thanx everyone!! Just got aquestion tho, sorry if tmi....haing a lot of clear stringy cm, what does this mean?? am a bit thick!! ahha
  • you are not thick - if you haven't been here before how do you know what everything means? It sounds like EWCM that you usually get around OV time. But if AF is due it could be a sign of PG too. Are you going to do a test?
  • Hi HayleyJayne87 - Welcome to the site. When is af actually due? xx
  • Not sure when to test don'twant to get my hopes up!! but temptation is taking over!!
  • o and AF was due yesterday
  • You should test after the date af due. But bfp's sometimes take time to show. xx
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