AF has arrived and im so so happy, after nearly 3 months of waiting since coming off the pill, im in agony with it, but so relieved can start ttc properly now. had a doctors appointment booked for tomorrow to see if anything was wrong, so relieved i wont have to go. i just hope my next cycle is no where near as long! does anyone know how i go about guessing when i might ovulate? x


  • not sure maybe use ovulation kits for abit x
  • Hi PrincessA - pleased your system appears to be getting back on track!
    I'm not 100% sure how to work out when you ovulate but if you've got an iPhone get the app: iPeriod or period tracker. This works out all of your cycles and works out when you are fertile and ovulating. xx
  • congrats princessA, glad to hear you've got AF.

    I'm still waiting - CD88 image

    but yay for you xx
  • kernow, r u flossie on yayw? im mrsdykes. i replied on our waitng for af thread over there. u need to try some rassberry leaf tea, im convinced its worked for me! x
  • oh i havent got an iphone, would it be crazy to get one just for this? ha! im due and upgrade at the end of the month anyway xx
  • yay, glad the old witch has finally put in an appearance image xx
  • Hey, yes I'm flossie over there! I'm really pleased for you! I did read your comment on raspberry leaf tea but looked in tesco's and couldn't see anything like that. Where do you get it from?

  • LOL it may be a little crazy but it's such a great phone you can justify it!
    There are other things on the internet that can help you work it out, I'm sure 'Emmas Diarys' has a thing that can work it out for you. xx
  • Kernow, well i got it from work, do u have a whitards near u? or jullian graves u can get it from there. its defiantly worked. will look into it wildthingv8 thankyou, i dont really want to start using sticks if i van help it for a few more months x
  • I agree with you there, I personally believe that its best to keep the ttc fun and fresh and not worry to much about using sticks etc.. Not unless the time comes where you need to which hopefully will not be the case. xx
  • Hi,

    No we have nothing like that near to us (the joys of living in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere lol!) I'll try and order some on line
  • they say if u dont know when ur next cycle shud be (due to bein on tyhe pill or injection) try ovulation sticks from cd10, even tho me and bf are takin this ttc as easy as possible im still gonna use ovulation stick as i have no idea when my next AF is due. i got 30 ovulation sticks and 10 pregnancy sticks from ebay, cost me in total about 4quid, prob even cheaper, they come from hong kong and have only took a week. xx
  • Read this when you get a chance - it may help you understand your cycles / times of month when you are most fertile...xx
  • I can get u a code for 20% off and free delivery from whitards online if you want some from there? it doesn't taste very nice but its worth a try, its defiantly worked for me, it stimulates the uterus! x
  • Thankyou ladies maybe i will look into getting some sticks then, will have a look thank-you wildthing! xx
  • That would be great thank you! I've seen you can also buy it in tablet form - do you think that tastes any better?? Also seen online that dong qui is meant to be good. Have you heard of this??
  • Just be careful with the raspberry leaf tea ladies - i've heard it's not advisable in the early months of pregnancy.
    Baby dust to us all and lots of great bd'ing! Lol. xx
  • WAHOOO! yay! so fingers crossed for may testing hun! omg finally! its been like 3 months almost??!!
  • are u on YAYW aswell rincessA? im happybride2b lol? whats ur name on there?
  • yeah im mrsdykes on yayw! yeah almost 3 months! glad its here just not sure whats next? i know all about rassberry leaf tea done alot of research into it, should be avoided in early PG coz it stimulates the uterus and can cause MC. but it is also very good for fertility and regulating menstrual cycles so thats why i have been drinking it, going to use it until i ovulate to try and regulate my cycles x
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