need help!

hello every1, i need ur help as im drivin myself mad. i came off my pill on 8th of this mth to start tryin for another baby, i had my period the next day as always. a few days ago i started gettin twinges like a mild period pain and its been there ever since, ive had a thick mucus comin out which is gel like and its stretchy (sorry to be so graphic), im bustin for a wee alot more than usual and when i go hardly anythin comes out. i fell with my son within the 1st two months of tryin. its to early for me to take a test obviously but was wonderin if these could be symptoms of comin off the pill or if any1 else has had early pregnancy symptoms like these. what do you think???


  • Hi,
    It could be ovulation pain as the cm you are describing sounds like ewcm - the fertile mucus. The fact that you are peeing a lot and there is very little there sounds like it could be a urine infection, although I believe it can be a pregnancy symptom.

    Good luck

  • I agree - sounds like ovulation to me! Get bd-ing quick!
  • Hi bubbles welcome to the site. Could they be ov pains? It's a reasonable guess as to where you are in your cycle. The pill messes with your body, and you can get all kinds of symptoms you have never had before. As well as irregular af. hth. xx
  • i had the same symptoms so i would guess its coming off the pill and possible ov aswell. veru tricky as all the symptoms the same for everything!!
  • hey thanku all for your replys. i went to docs and hav a urine infec, tummy pains hav gone now but still peein like a race horse. still keepin fingers crossed though as hav started gettin tired early in evenings and its not a side effect from the antibiotics. y cant they make a test that somehow detects pregnancy the day after conception x
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