is one uber happy lady xxxx

finally after months of no af, i wake up this morning and here she is xxx woop woop
im normal at last xx::\)


  • orrr! Isnt it mad how we cant wait for our first af then every other month we dont want her! Lol! X x x x x
  • I know how amaZing that feeling is! I waited 3 months for my first af after coming off the pill, now cd28 and starting to worry it will be another long cycle! X
  • Yahey! Least you can get started properly now and stop having sex for fun! hehe
  • well my last af was 20th of feb so defo over due xx bd will always be fun lol xxxxx
    i see everyone on cd12 etc and i just wanted to be on cd1 lol xxx wont be long and i will be there xxx
    and hubby was disapointed that af came as he said his men need to work harder bless him xxx
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