CBFM question...Help please!

Hi everyone,

I'm using my brand new CBFM for the first time this cycle after mc 6 weeks ago. I am on CD9 so have been POAS since CD6.

Just wondered how many highs I could expect before the peaks? My cycles are anywhere between 23-31 days but all lows so far so reckon I could be heading for a fairly average cycle this month. So, if say I got my first peak on CD13, how many highs would you expect before it? is it just one or two or is it likely to be quite a few?

Just not sure how quick the surge of the hormone is. I know I'll get 2 peaks followed by a high but am impatient and want to be on my way to actually OV!!

Thanks everyone!



  • Hiya im on my 2nd month of using the CBFM and both times i had 5/6 highs before my peaks. It varies for everyone, i have heard women say they didnt get any highs just went straight to peak!

  • its very variable, with a standard 28 day cycle you would expect 2-5 highs before peak but can vary either way, i found with longer cycles i got more highs, it definatly worth regular BDing incase you have few highs x

    good luck for a snuggly sticky bean xxx
  • This month after ectopic I got 2 highs then 2 peaks. Time before when got bfp I got 4 highs before peak but thatvwas first time I used x x
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