PMA needed please :(


I don't post on here too often as I find myself getting too obsessed with TTC but really need some PMA today! My 2 best friends are 13 weeks and 4 weeks pregnant and AF is just in the process of arriving for me....This will be cycle 10 for me and they both got caught quicker than me image
I have a very supportive DH but just feeling very frustrated, blue and fed up!!!!


  • Hi Kate*Louise!!

    I feel your pain. My best friend works with me and is now 25 weeks today. Her bump is growing away and Im still trying!!! She only started trying in May and caught in August. I started in Nov 08 and have had two chem pg's along the way and in the 2ww again.

    I have bad moments too, but have lots of pma today!!!! At least your DH is supportive, mine is v frustrated with me xx
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