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Symptom Spotting - was pointless!

Hi girls

I'm doing the usual symptom spotting on month 5 of ttc and just thought I'd share with people who will understand!

Hope not sore boobs almost immediately after OV (about 21st/22nd), which is quite early for me and they've been really sore since, until a couple of days ago when they got much better and are now just a little tender. This is totally the other way round than they usually are, so wondering if it's a sign?! Also had a little brown CM the day before yesterday but nothing since. Waht do you think?

Have to say, although I'm really hoping, I'm still pretty sure it won't be this month. I do this every month - have new or unusual signs and it always turns out that I'm not PG - getting used to it now!!

On day 26 of 27/31 and for once I'm a bit torn this month. Just found out Hubby is going to be out of the country for 6 months from mid-Dec with his job, so if we are lucky this month the due date would be just about the time he was due back. Gutted I might have to be PG alone anyway, let alone risk giving birth without him!! Am 35 in a couple of months though, so on the other hand the sooner the better!

Anyway, sorry to ramble on but just so nice to be able to witter on to people who understand how mad symptom spotting can drive you!!


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  • Spotting symptoms can drive you nuts but impossible not to! The CM you had sounds promising. Are you going to wait until day 31 to test or earlier?
    I'm on day 29 of 26/31 and had a BFN this morning so going to keep fingers crossed and test again on Sunday. My trouble is that I haven't had any symptoms at all this month and usually I see loads. Good luck to you xxx
  • Aha, so maybe this is your month!! I'm convinced that the first month I notice nothing different at all will be the one I get a BFP!!

    It does drive you mad doesn't it! Each month I think ooooh this is different or that's different and nothing so far, so I'm kind of resigned to the fact that my body actually is different every month so if / when it finally happens I won't have a clue.

    Not sure re testing, we bought a load of OV sticks and PG sticks off the internet (the Acon professional use ones) so have got 25 to use, but they're at hubby's house (he's in the military so we live apart for some of the week - not helpful when ttc!) and I forgot to ask him to bring them with him when he comes to mine tonight!! Doh! Was really looking forward to indulging myself and peeing on a stick every day until AF arrived (or not!) but now I've just got one expensive digital one in the cupboard! Think I'll wait until Sat am earliest and try then and if nothing I'll just wait for AF.

    Good luck to you too, will keep my fingers crossed.

  • I think having them at his place is a good idea! Stop you going pee on a stick crazy. lol. Someone else mentioned the Acon ones so I think I'll have a look at those. xx
  • This poas lark is catching, only on day 21 but just did it, bfn- what a suprise!!!

  • he he,

    I'm doing exactly the same!! Only on day 20 but it's soooo hard not too. I just wish it happened instantly or at least I knew when it would - I hate waiting!!

  • I could manage a one week wait but it's the last week ir so that gets me. Doesn't help having irregular cycles. I've no idea if I am now past when AF is due or if it isn't due until the weekend. Patience is one thing I have never had! xx
  • I'm getting a bit obsessed with the Ov sticks, got a line last night and kept looking at it to check it didn't dissappear!! First one I'd had out of three this month mind you so erm, made the most of it and plan to poas again tonight. Amy x
  • I'm actually a bit of a fan of POAS as long as they're not too expensive - I find it stops me getting my hopes up too much - nothing like a BFN every morning to stop you symptom spotting and getting over excited!

    Sadly don't think it's our turn this month - more brown CM yesterday and today and that tends to be my first symptom of AF (though not every month, which is mean because on those months I think oooooh this is it and of course it never is!). Ah well, looks like month 6 for us and it's getting serious now with hubby going away in December for 6 months. Feel like you now MrsJules, want day 1 to come quickly so we can get back on the merry-go-round.

  • Well, AF well and truly arrived this morning. :roll:

    Not feeling nearly as bad as I do normally on day one so maybe I'm finally getting numbed to the highs and lows (hmmmm and maybe I'll be a monster again next month, who knows!).

    Ah well, here we go again - month 6!

  • I'm right there with you Daisy. Day 1 of month 6.
    I was a monster last night. Had a huge tantrum on the bedroom floor. Poor Mr Jules didn't know what to do. lol. Felt better for it. Think it was all the PMT I should've been getting two weeks ago coming out.

    Good luck and baby dust xxxx
  • Have to be honest I think it makes a huge difference which day I come on too - because this month it was day 27 of 27/31 I didn't have time to get my hopes up but on the months it's been day 31 I've been lots worse because I've been sure I was PG so I do feel for you.

    Had to giggle at your tantrum - I'm usually like that, don't care how horrible I am on day 1 just need to get it out of my system! Our poor husbands!

    Lots and lots of baby dust to you too - let's hope month 6 is lucky for both of us.

  • Even our cycle lengths are almost the same Daisy! Hope next month is more successful. (Glad I aren't the only one who has a hissy fit when AF arrives. lol)

    Month 6 has a lucky ring to it I think image xx
  • Hi girls Sorry to hear that your afs have come. I am the opposite, i go af symptom spotting which is what i am feeling today even though only on day 23! Added to the fact that i got a smiley face on day 18! Nearly 2 years of trying now although i had a mc in the middle. Trouble is i am in my 40s now so not so easy although i fell pg first time of asking when i was 34. I have no pg tests in the house at the mo so not able to do any. Irregular afs dont help either! Will probably wait until day 28 and then see if i think i should do one. Good luck to all ttc, lots of love, bluebird xxxx
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