Hi! Im new..can I join in?!

Hi everyone,

As above really! My husband and I have been married for 11 months and have just started ttc this month! Very excited but a little scared image

Looking forward to getting to know you all, :\)



  • Hi Lozzy!!

    Welcome to ttc!!! ladies on here are lovely and you will find lots od support!

    Hope you're not here long in the nicest possible way of course!

    Baby dust to you xx
  • Hi
    I only joined at the weekend and everyone is so nice! Good luck to u! X
  • Thank you!

    Baby dust to you both too!


  • Hiya lozzy, Almost your 1st wed anniversary hehe, I just had my 1st anniversary 2 weeks ago :\)
    Fingers crossed you get your BFP soon, everyone is lovely on here.
    Cant believe the year went so quick!

  • Oooh how good an anniversary present would that be to present him with a peed on stick with a bow! (Only if it's BFP though hehe)
  • I know this year has gone crazy fast! Congrats on your anniversary MPP!

    That would be amazing flirtyfilly- although we watched the great sperm race on you tube last week- and Im seriously wondering how its possible at all, lol!

  • Hi,

    I'm new too. Been lurking for a little while, but only started ttc this month, and trying not to talk to oh about it all the time. We haven't told anyone we're trying so i'm going crazy not talking about it all.

    Hoping to not be here too long...

    Good luck and babydust to everyone.

  • Welcome in hon, hope you get to graduate quickly!

    Hannah xx
  • Welcome all the newbies!!!!

    Hope you have an extra special reason to celebrate your anniversary!!! Good luck and welcome =D
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