Taking this month off :cry:

Afternoon ladies,

Hubs and I have decided to take this month off from actively ttc. No opk's no temps, no analysing CM or CP. AF rocked up two days early this month after some very promising symptoms (Itchy nips, sore (.) (.), sharp pains in my nether regions, waves of nausea, hot flashes at night, peeing more often & drinking like it's going out of fashion).

We really thought we were in with a good shot - so much so that I hadn't even thought about testing early - which as most of you will know (even though very naughty!!) is completely unlike me!! So to have it dashed without even a chance of POAS kinda left a bitter taste.

Also my 3 LO's are all August babies so would really like to avoid August and have next baby in another month.

I will still be on here - as if I could stay away :lol: and we will still be bd'ing at regular intervals (and not preventing). But won't be actively TTC :\(

Best of luck to anyone still on the original CD1 Anyone else thread - and obviously all those still actively trying image

I'll be back ttc (actively) after next AF if some sort of miraculous BFP doesn't happen in the meantime :roll:


  • Good Luck
    Enjoy your month off (((hugs)))

    gems x
  • Aw sorry to hear the witch found you..I thought u had been quiet recently.

    Fingers crossed for next month image xx

  • Oh Lily-

    We are in a similar boat hun...I am sorry af got you- especially after all your symptoms.

    I haven't had af yet, but I know I am out- I tested today with CBD and got BFN and FR BFN too. Af is on her way- I can tell. I too thought I was this month if I am honest, had a lot of symptoms- turns out most of them were down to a nasty UTI and I am feeling very ill and sorry for myself today :cry:

    Dh and I had a conversation actually, about actively TTC and DH is under the impression that we shouldn't TTC for a while either- that we should just bd regually and not use opks etc. He said the process is stressful and he reckons we would both benefit from relaxing a bit. I totally agree with him, so we are going to have a few months going 'au nateral' so to speak. We concieved my ds like this and I have to say it was a nice experience...but in those days I had no idea about all this stuff- we wanted a baby so we stopped using contraception-simple as! It did take us a while though- which is the downside for me- but hey, only takes one swimmer image

    So, I shall join you in the non TTC- I am going to stay here too...I actually get really obvious ov signals so I will still have an idea where I am in my cycle.

    Enjoy your relaxing month!!!

    Lots of love

  • Thanks Gems - you too hun xxx

    Bryony ~ I'm always the same when AF shows up I'm afraid - I tend to stay away for a couple of days to lick my wounds :\( CD4 today so about par for the course really.
    How are you doing? BFP there yet?? ;\)

    CC~ you already know what I'm going to say.....It aint over til the dosy fat cow shows her ugly evil wretched face image

    I just feel like I've been kicked in the teeth if I'm honest. I really, really thought we had cracked it. I wasn't obsessing over symptoms, knew I was going to test on 16th (AF due date) and had absolutely no urge whatsoever to test early. Everything just felt soooo different and so right :roll:

    So I think this is why we have decided to "not try" this cycle - if it happens - FAN BLOODY TASTIC!! But absolutely no tools will be used (other than knowing approximately when I ov myself - hubs won't have a clue).
    I just feel we need to put the brakes on a little as it's starting to become all consuming and the fun of bd'ing is getting lost :\(

    Back in January - with our surprise chemical pregnancy - we obviously weren't trying at all, so maybe we just need to give up and let it happen if it's going to for a while...

    Rambling now, so will shoot off....back later :\)
  • I know what you mean lilylilac, if the witch shows i will be a miserable cow, poir hubby sonetimes wonder why he puts up with me.

    Well im playing the waiting game, af was due yesterday, did cbd got bfn....but i feel like she is just round the corner....got a xmas nite out on friday so i need to know if i can have a few voddys or not lol.

    Really hope your "month off" gives u that bfp xx
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