AF Due - but no symptoms!!

Well according to my dates my AF is due today, yet I have no symptoms of it coming!!

But not being one to symptom spot (honestly) for some reason my scalp is really itchy and my normal shampoo and conditioner really didn't work last time and I've been slightly more tired than normal.

And my oh said my belly looked pregnant the other day - not sure whether he deserved a slap for that one.

I'm going to try and hold out testing until monday (by that I mean saturday) xx;\)


  • hiya, good on you for waiting to test it seems like an eternity doesnt it, if af is due today i couldnt wait im afraid xx i hope you get a bfp its funny you should mention the hair thing my has gone really limp and looks greasy day morning after i washed it which is strange, anyways good luck xx
  • Hey Taffygirl, well i am on CD40 now. I have been symptom spotting, but i tested on Tuesday night with a cheapo strip and it was BFN.

    No signs of af appearing either!

    We bd alot last month, i had a wee bit of brown discharge last month too. Now i am feeling tired ALOT, emotional, sore heads, crampy feelings in my tummy and the areola around my nipples are HUGE! I also feel sometimes that i am moving when in actual fact i am sitting still or standing up, it's so weird, never really had it before. I also feel sickly at strange times.

    APART from that, i am still feeling low, and not pregnant! I have been off the pill for 2 years, so it can't be because of 'coming off the pill'.

    I am going to buy a clear blue test at the weekend and test again just to put my mind at ease.

    Hope you get a BFP ;\)
  • Good luck Taffygirl for Monday (Saturday lol). My 12+5 friend had itchy's something to do with losing less hair isn't it? Anyway...not encouraging the symptom spotting! xx
  • good luck all.
    Tiny T, you r symptoms sound very promising. Im symptom spotting too and its soing my head in as i notice every little change x
  • Hey - my period was due 2 days ago. I have done 3 tests all negative. This has happened before but I am usually so bloody regular and I am just tearing my hair out checking my knockers and trying to will my period to come.

  • taffygirl just wanted to wish you lots of luck for when you test and i hope it is a bfp! let us know! xx
  • taffygirl and tiny t - good luck! The symptoms do sound promising!keep us updated xx
  • The other thing I've beentasting is blood inmy mouth but no actual bleeding - tis all very strange - going to try and hold out to test on monday!!!
  • fingers crossed that you get your bfp soon hun....all the symptoms sound promising so look forward to hear more news from you. Keep positive!

    cheryl xx
  • I am now officially late - don't want to get my hopes up as have had this so many times before - still holding out on testing though!!
  • I admire your will power I am afraid temptation would have got the better of me by now. Fingers crossed for your BFP!
  • your symptoms sound promising, if you are now officially late i would test! but i am really impatient!! good on you for having will power x
  • So hope you get your bfp. Well done for holding out on testing-I couldn't!! Good luck!xxx
  • Thanks everyone!

    Well, i done a test last night (couldn't resist), and i had the faintest line - so faint that i thought i was imagining it. I asked my other half to look too, and he said he could see somthing but couldn't be sure & it is most likely the chemical line and nothing more. I was scared / excited i tested again when he went to play football, and there wasn't anything there. The line i saw was sooooo faint, now i think i am goin mad. Anyways, those tests are the cheap ones from acon, and i am deffo going to buy the first responce from boots over the weekend now it's buy one get one free.

    I know i am getting my hopes up for probably something that isn't there, but those cheap tests make me think that they aren't working properly.

    I forgot to say that i have a sore back and i also keep having a metal like taste in my mouth - arrrgghhh got to stop all this symptom spotting!

    Taffygirl - keeping everything crossed for you!!! I really hope it's good news for you!

    Good luck everyone else!!!!

  • Hey all!
    Im new to the site and im ttc! Its so frustrating isnt it! This month i ovulated 7 days ago, and yesterday i got like cramping pains in my belly as if my period was comming, no pains today, but feel well hungry all the time like i had my lunch at 1ish and now starving again! Do you think i could be pregnant? How early could i test before my period was due? (its due a week tmw)! I shouldnt get my hopes up but didnt feel like this last month!!!
    Good luck everyone!x image
  • Hi clarkie, welcome to the site. Hunger is a symptom, so is cramping.

    You are best to test the day af is due, or after. Just because it gives the hCG hormone time to build up. xx
  • Yea i thought maybe the first day would be the earliest, just keen to find out! Ill let you know how i get on!
    Thanks hunni x
  • Just tested using one of tesco own brand (I know will power gave up - but only because I couldn't do a no 2 *(sorry tmi) and it was a bfn - well it ain't over ye!!
  • good luck! let us know how you get on over the weekend.
  • sorry to hear it was bfn taffygirl but it isn't over yet! lots of pma to you xxx
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