Felt sick for 8 days now and sore boobs !!

Hi All

I dont know if I have Ovulated, as I have not been charting or using OPKs as hubby wants the 'natural conception'. so I am a little confused. Last month lots of EWCM on CD18 , this month I haven't noticed any EWCM and I am on CD26 (could have not noticed or something)? I'm sure I had some OV pains around CD13/14 but that could have been in my head !!!

We haven't BD as much as last month and haven't BD since CD20!

Any way, I have been feeling sick EVERY DAY since CD17, and my boobs are slightly sore and sensitive !! Last month I came on on CD33, so I am thinking this is when I'll be due on this month ! I am really trying not to get excited, as last month I convinced myself I was pg when I wasn't, and I am now convincing myself I am this month ! If I am not pg, then I dont know why I feel so sick all the time !Today I have slight cramps - and am a little worried its AF coming !! I have even told a couple of people I think I could be PG as I got too excited, and am gonna feel like a right plonker if AF comes ! lol !

Awful 1WW (I think - I wish I knew if I have OV, but dont want to use OPKs behind hubbys back) and am driving myself nuts ! I really think we have done it but I am not testing until this Saturday (going to Egypt on Sunday)! !!!!

Sorry for really long post - but needed to get it off my chest !! Thanks for reading my crazy rambling ! lol !


  • Hi Stace
    Sore boobs are a good sign. I'm 5+1 today and mine are so painful and gone up 2 cup sizes.

    If you are having 33 day cycles, then CD20 could have done the trick - basically count back 14 days from when AF comes and that is usually when you ovulate.
    Have you noticed any implantation bleeds at all (would be brown CM?)

    We didn'y get BFP until we used a CBFM to know when I was ov'ing. I never got a positive using the OPK's and thought I wasn't actually ov'ing for a bit.

    I also have irregular cycles - so the CBFM was really useful there.

    Good luck for Saturday
  • Thank you. I have had a fair bit of yellowish CM - not sure what that means?? But no EWCM (that I have noticed) and no implantation bleeding. My boobs aren't mega sore, just a little bit.

    Argghh reading far too much into this ! lol !
  • Stace25,

    I feel your pain!!! Had sore boobs for over a week and have been feeling sick the last couple of days. It's been driving me mad too.
    My husband is not being particularly helpful either. He keeps on trying to think of all the other things it could be, which are all possible but right now I need some support on this issue.
    Would you like to be buddies until we both get a 'resolution' either way to this issue? It would be nice to share with someone.
    I have done virtually no work today as I am so disctracted by this.
  • Hi Pozzee Pod ! Yes i'd like to team up and see what happens at the weekend : )
    I am not feeling so sick today and wasn't feeling sick yesterday! I think this is all in my head and that AF is going to turn up ! I will feel really stupid if I get a BFN as I told a couple of people that I think I am pg ! I really need to get on with some work but this is all I can think about ! lol !
  • Let's do it - I am not feeling that sick today either and my boobs are less sore. I have managed not tell anyone I think I am pregnant (it's sooo hard). I am feeling much less distracted today but work is reasonably busy unlike yesterday.
    Keep me posted on your progress!!!!
  • Hi Stace25. How frustrating for you. Hang in there and try to keep positive as much as possible. Really hope you get the news you want and deserve soon. Keep us posted xxxxx
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