What do OV pains feel like?!

Hi ladies,

I think I'm ovulating today (been using fertilityfriend.com to chart my BBT and CM). Anyway, I've just been getting some pains in my left side, it feels a bit like I've got a stitch. Could it be OV pains?

This is our first proper month TTC and I have to admit I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to all these little signs from my body!! I've always just relaxed knowing I was using contraception and didn't have to worry about anything!!

Any help / advice gratefully received! :\)


  • Sounds like it could be. If any help at all, I get crampy-type pains - like period pain, at 5am (always 5am, god knows why!) exactly 2 weeks before AF arrives. But know that everyone feels them differently, some not at all. It's the timing that's important in relation to your AF. Good luck!
  • hi hun, sounds like so, my ov pains are always on my right hand side and feel as though someone is tipping hot water down my tube! if you are charting cm and bbt then go with that as you get ov pains when the egg is trying to burst through to the tube as well as after, so if you have ewcm then get b'ding (lots of it) xxxx
  • Hi Ladies this is my first time on here and really just wantin to talk to any one in :\?the same position as me. we have been off contraception for 4 year and not really thought of getting pregnant until now. we have been "trying" for a few months but so far nothing. i have been given conflicting opinions regarding the best times and ovulation can any one help me understand things better? any advice is much appricated.
  • Hi tonitoni, the best information I've found is on fertilityfriend.com. They have little tutorials which take you through the basics on ovulation and conception.

    I've learnt soooooo much from that website, and it's free!

    Hope this helps. xx

  • Hi Mrs Robertson,

    I get mild period pain around CD 12-14...which is right now! I think we are cycle buddies so sounds like ov to me...
    Have you had EWCM as well?

    I'm just looking out for the signs and not really charting anything except my temp which has gone up a bit, that's another sign of ov as well, I've been told.
    It's not exact science this but sounds quite promising...get BDing asap!! lol xxx
  • Hahaha poor hubby is going to be exhausted!! I've managed to pounce on him every day for the last week! I'm going to be an absolute NIGHTMARE with symptom spotting for the next 2 weeks! :lol:


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