CD 1, who's with me!!

Well after a stupidly long cycle, 4 bfns and way too much symptom spotting its back to CD 1.

Month 2 here we go image

Lisa xxx


  • fingers crossed for this month for you. we too are likely to be going onto month 2 as well, its cd 28, but i sense af enroute. x
  • Me- I wasn't expecting af until 21st but arrived today which is good news as means my cycles are slipping into a 28-day run and also hopefully af with clear off by Friday when I'm home for a wedding lol
    This'll be month 1 for us really
  • great, so excited I hope af stays away though!!
    This is only my 2nd af since I had my little girl so didnt really expect it to happen this month anyway.

  • Hey Lisa- me too!! Day 1 after a 38 day cycle- was convinced i had done it as normally ranges between 39-31! Gutted- back to square one. I am ttc number 2. Little boy was 2 this week. Took a long time to concieve him too so not great- been ttc number 2 since Dec. Fingers crossed for this month!
  • hey lisa im on cd 4 so kinda with ya hun ill join you if thats ok onto month 2 this month i did way to much symptom spottin etc last month givin the opk's a miss to, to stressfull xx
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