Chances of Getting Pregnant Calculator

I found this online and thought I would give it a try - it calculates the likelihood of getting pregnant within a year based on your age - obviously external factors (weight, alcohol etc) don't play a part so even if not completely accurate, it is interesting or in my case a wee bit scary too...

I'm 36 so I have a 55% chance - We conceived dd at 33 and my chances were 65% so it's come down 10% in 3 years :cry:


  • mines 80% at the age of 30 but i checked when i had anabel at 28 and it was 80 still xxx dont really think these are very good but its a nice idea xxx
  • Oh my God, I got pregnant with DD at 24 with 88% and now I'm 26 it drops to 80%. That's a big drop as far as I'm concerned! x
  • Im 30 and it also says 80% .Well we will see.image
  • i'm nearly 28yrs old and my odds are 80%.

  • im 27 and mine is also 80% over a year.....ive been ttc for 2 hhhmmmmm not looking good is it lol
  • Im 25 and it said i have 88% of chance, I will be 26 in a few months, so i put that in and got 80%, thats shocking.

  • Im 32 and it says 65% - ah crap!
  • i fell pregnant with DD at 22 it says 88% and still says 88% now im 24. but it did take us just under 3 years to fall pregnant with DD!

  • I have only 55% chance, like you canucmum. Really depressing! Mind you one of my collegues fell pg after about 4 months of trying with her first child and she was 40. So there is hope I guess.
  • Now I feel really old!!!

    All I can say is make the most of your 20's and early 30's. It's rather dramatic how much your chances go down each month once you hit 35 - I knew it did, I just didn't realize how much :cry:

    Babydust to all!
  • I don't like these sorts of things, often they are load of rubbish.
    I did one a couple of months ago and it combined age/length of cycle etc... and I got some crazy percentage like 17%...
    I am now 11+ 0 with my first bubba so my advice would be not to take them too seriously!
    MrsH xxx
  • I'm 26 too so it said my chance is 80%. Hope so!

    Mrs G x
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