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I keep getting all excited and WooHoo, but trying to chill until I've done a test that shows proper pink line. I've not really had any classic symptoms - boobs as usual, CM not markedly different. The only change has been that I felt really spewy all day monday & tuesday.

I wasn't going to test today (day 31) cos every other cycle I've tested about 6 hours before AF appeared, but I was expecting to come on last night and absolutely no sign - not a twinge - so used a cheapy strip test. Will roll out my last First Response test tomorrow - double gulp - then we'll know!! Just hope I don't get AF at some point today!

Babydust and everything crossed ;\) xxxx


  • Use clearblue that wont lie and then you'll know! Good luck hope you get your bfp, dont want to get your hopes up but looks promising x
  • Cheers hun - I'm going to try to put it out of my mind for the rest of the day (yeah, right!)

  • Fingers crossed for you

  • Sounds very promising. A line's a line, no matter how faint! Good luck xxxxxxx
  • Yeah i second clear blue, i used the digital one coz didnt want any confusion! ha ha!! Fingers crossed!! xxxx
  • Oooooh congratulations - sounds as if you've got a BFP!

  • hi hon,
    i had a faint blue line this morning! have just been out to buy a clearblue to make sure as im just not convinced!
    im also a little confused as i tried ov sticks for the first time this month and they didnt show anything!!!
    fingers crossed we both get a good result later.
    good luck hon x
  • Cool - I don't normally post at weekends but will fire up the home computer tomorrow if it's a BFP! Good luck Wilko and Daisy Girl - you've given me goosebumps!

    I haven't been able to wipe off the stoopid smile all day - hope it's a BFP tomorrow

  • ooh let us know asap i can't wait. Congratulations in advance, you're gonna be a mummy. Filo x
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