Confused, please help.

Hm... I'm very confused as to where I am in my cycle. My last AF arrived on May 21st. I am pretty sure I ov'd around the 6th as I got cramps etc. I had a feel of my cervix 3dpo and it was still low and open.. I've charted my temperature from ov and the last four days my temperature hasn't dropped below 37.1 (internally) Do you think it's possible that I didn't ov on the 6th June as thought but ov'd around now? Not sure tho as I am now CD25... Cervix is now high and closed. Could it be possible I'm pregnant?


  • How long is your cycle usually? Have you any previous cycles to compare to? xx
  • Hi Mithical, thanks for your reply. Well this is the third cycle since Alex - first AF was 6 weeks after birth - April 16th, second AF was May 21st, which is 5 weeks, so I am assuming that this one should be nearer my normal cycle pre-pregnancy which was 30/31 days. Just so confused!
  • Ok well, the luteal phase after ov is usually 14 days long if your cycle is 28 days. If your cycle changes in length the luteal phase still stays the same. In theory for you, as your longest cycle was 6 weeks, you have to consider another cycle might be just as long. On the other hand as you say, you might be settling back into your normal 30 day cycle.

    If you have any idea when you may have ov during the other 2 cycles, you might be able to work out your LP, and get a clearer picture.

    I don't check my cervix, but I wouldn't go on that to determine pg or not. From what I understand it can move around all over the place in some women!! lol

    HTH xx

  • Thanks, I am not sure when I ov'd in last cycles as I wasn't trying to concieve, so could have been any time. Funny thing is that I have felt 'different' this month and OH commented that when we were bding that I felt 'different' - I don't know. This ttc lark is confusing and hard work! I fell without trying with Alex so this situation is very new to me. I am trying desperately not to symptom spot bu been having cramping today - however that could just be the start of AF, and like you said, they could still be up in the air a little. I think I will join you on the 2ww, but maybe bow out a little early to test?? image
  • That's ok, any company on the 2ww is welcome! :\)

    Cramping is a good sign, but af is very sneaky isn't she?! She puts in symptoms when she feels like it! :roll:

    Before I was on the pill, I had no symptoms up until af arrived. Same when I took a break from it. Now I seem to get ov pain, pain before and after ov too! I had af type cramps during last months 2ww, and that completely threw me!

    If you develop any further symptoms, it might be clearer to you. I guess you just have to decide if you can bear a bfn, as you may end up testing too early.

    Have my fingers crossed for you though. image xx
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