I got my BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all,

Ladies I got my BFP!!!!!

Im currently on holiday in Cyprus, I took a break from here for a couple of months about a month ago has I had hen partys, weddings and this holiday, but my AF was due today (Day 34/34 cycle) but I tested yesterday on cd33 and got instant lines!!!!

They were not faint or anything like that but screaming at me BFP!

I did 2 tests yesterday and one today all BFP'S!

Its month 6 for me and hubby after coming off Microgyno30 but had cycles of 34 / 35 / 50 / 34 and now my BFP!

God I love that word BFP!!!

We have told our family and friends we couldn't keep it to ourselves, and I have just dragged hubby to this internet cafe so I can share my news with you all as you have supported me and answered my daft questions all the time, lol.

I did not rerally notiuce any symptoms (maybe has I have been too busy) but I did get darker green veins on my boobies and they were achey for fews day, other than that nothing im afraid for all you sysmptoms spotters...

My last period was 4th May, so Im guessing 4 week and 6 days, am I right?
Im not sure when I'll be due either, I have heard so many different ways to work it out??

Lastly all I can say we did differntly this month was bedded for sure over ov time (as hubbys work pattern permitted us) and legs in ther air, lol.

Sorry its a long one...

I'm soooooo happpy!!!!!!!!

Love Emma x

P.s sorry if any spelling mistakes (nail extensions)


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