Did I, didnt I ??

How are we all?

What is going on with my body!

This is month no 5 off the pill.

Month no 1 was 35 days but I think that was because of the withdrawal bleed and for that didnt normally start until day 3 or 4 of my 7 day break. Months 2, 3 & 4 have all be spot on at 28 days. Month no 3 I charted lots, temp, every symptom, the lot. It was text book - cm was as should be, temp dropped & rose when it should and everything was fine.

Last month (no 4) I decided not to chart and just be relaxed about it. We bd'd lots between days 10 and 16 but I just didnt feel like id ovulated because I couldnt 'see' it happen so I decided to go all out this month and not only chart lots but use OPK's and even got some preseed to use however...

My temp has been all over the place, its normally around 35.9-36.1 before OV then drops to 35.4--35.6 just before then raises to well over 36.2 after OV until my AF rears her ugly head. This month however it started off well with it being around 35.9-36.1 dropping to 35.7 around CD8 for 3 days then on CD11 it was 35.7 but as it was Saturday I woke up 2 hours later than normal so it would have been lower therefore falling into the 'before OV' range' but it hasnt spiked yet to anything higher than 35.9 and im on CD16.

My CM has been pretty random too. Ive been 'wet' for days (I say from CD 11) but not got the thin stretchy stuff I have got before but instead just a couple of really thick and very stretchy and not very clear bits on CD14 and CD15.

I also didnt get any pain which I got in month no 2 (didnt pay any attention last month) but I was very very windy yesterday for no reason! My diet was no different and im fine again today!

Oh and ive been using OPK's since CD 10 and ive had nothing! They are only cheap ones from the web I might add!

Im just really confused - did I ovulate, why has my temp not spiked and why does it all have to be so bloody confusing! I could understand it if my cycles werent 28 days but it makes no sense why im clearly in the fertile stage but nothing seems to be happening correctly - well except the arrival of my AF each month - she never misses a date in her schedule!

Sorry for the long post!

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  • Hi hun

    It's really hard to know what's going on sometimes and I don't know the answers either I'm afraid. The stretchy cm sounds very promising even if it is thicker than usual. However you would expect to see a temperature rise especially if you've noticed this in previous cycles. Try to relax as if you're stressing about it, that could delay your ov. Easier said than done though eh?! :roll:

    What cycle day are you on now? If in doubt, BD every other day so that if you do happen to ovulate a bit later this cycle, you should hopefully catch it anyway.

    Good luck & baby dust *sprinkle sprinkle*
  • Im on CD16 so should have OV'd yesterday and seen the spike this morning but it didnt. Im wondering if it was CD11 this month because of the 35.7 temp at 9am (when it was 35.7 at 7 3 mornings before) and maybe my spike this month is only going to 35.9! Guess its still a spike!

    Oh why does it have to be such hard work! Went shopping at the w/e and all the pregnant ladies were sniffing me out im sure because they were everywhere!!
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