had my scan and its confirmed.:-(

had my scan friday and its been confirmed i have pcos i was devastated at first but feel positive now as im relived they found out why iv had mcs and also they put me on metformin which treats diabetes but also pcos so that explains also increased hair growth putting on w8. metformin will help me loose w8 get my cycles sorted and i will ovulate reg to yay and reduces risk of mc next time so im feeling really positive about future and babys. iv got follow up appointment in 3 months to check my progress and hopefully by then il have bun in the oven woo hoo. still got have some more blood work done but i dont care il go through any pain to get that little baby thats waiting to be born to me. x x thanks for your support ladies x


  • Im glad that they have found a reason why you havent had your bfp, its great that you are now recieving treatment too. Fingers crossed you get your bfp very soon, good luck hun. xx
  • Pleased that they are able to help you. I hope you get that sticky bfp soon!!xx
  • Pleased that they are able to help you. I hope you get that sticky bfp soon!!xx
  • Hi crystal

    Glad you got some answers and hope you are posting about your BFP soon.

    jen xx
  • HI Crystal - sorry to hear about the pcos but as you say at least you can get treatment which will help you both catch and keep a wee baby.
    Best of luck xxx
  • Sorry to hear you have pcos but at least now you have some answers and are getting the treatment you deserve. Here's hoping you get your bfp soon!!!
  • Hi crystal,
    Sorry to hear about the pcos but at least they can treat it and get you back on track and sort your cycles out.
  • Sorry to hear about the PCOS but at least its been diagnosed and their helping you now. Hopefuly wont be long until you get a BFP.
  • Hi Crystal - I was diagnosed with PCOS just after Christmas, and I suspected I had it before then - try not to worry - about 40% of women have PCOS - only most of those don't know it.

    There is a website called Verity - it's for PCOS sufferers - they talk about everything from ttc, weight loss to hair excess etc. It's a good site - and everyone is going through the same or similar treatments.

    I hope you see your diagnosis as a postitive thing - because now you can get help where it's needed.

    There are a few of us pcos sufferers on here - so if you have any questions I'm sure we'll all be more than happy to answer.


  • Its good that you have an answer, and another appt booked for follow up. Keep your chin up!
  • thanks ladies for your support and lovely positive words. im glad im not alone mummywannabe and mrsrich. my gynae plans see me till im 3 months pregnant then im gonna have consultant so they seem to be really good at what they do also gynae told me metformin will reduce risk of mc also aid in w8 lose and increased hair growth. and help my cycles there for he said it will help me ovulate and he says there really good. if i aint pregnant in 3 months his gonna put me on clomid. and after iv had baby he will put me on dianete then when i want baby number 2 he will put me back on metformin lol. x
  • hope you get ya bfps soon ladies x. hopefully fingers crossed you get af or even better a nice bbfp x
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