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Hi hun,

Thanks for replying on the other post, I will give you an insight into whats been going on and can you please tell me if this is normal etc as I know youve been going through ttc for sometime now and your advice would be much appreciated.

So my af was due on 21st Dec I tested prior to that at ridiculously early stages and then tested, 21st (morn) BFN af didnt show her face until 6pm that night but what I thought was full flow wasnt as it disappeared and then I only had brown cm up until xmas eve when I woke to bleeding again (not heavy and was a bright red colour) again thought it was CD1 and it went awol again, nothing xmas day tested BFN.

Boxing Day had bleed again and this time it was dark red and disappeared and then this morning went to toilet full wipe of blood dark red and was running into toilet if you know what I mean and then before its there again.

Do I count CD1 as today, 21st? or yday? so confused. Is there a chance I could be pregnant but still having bleeding? why would my af come and go like that and whats the brown cm I was having.
I am 20DPO and havent tested since xmas day would have thought af would have stayed away and it would have shown by now if I was preg.

Either way if its AF I am happy because means we can do the SMEP this month and really try for that BFP.

Hope you all had a lovely xmas and wishing you a BFP for 2010!!



  • Hey Hun,

    It doesn't sound normal no and I really want to say maybe there is still a chance you are going to be getting your BFP but if you are 20DPO I would have thought you'd have got it Xmas day at 18DPO though you wouldn't be the first to have a very shy bean (PMA :lol: )- did you track OV or is there a chance that it was late and this is implantation?

    Are you still bleeding now from this morning babe? If you had had spotting or light bleeding between Xmas Eve and now I would have counted then as CD1 but if there was nothing inbetween then I'm not so sure... x

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  • Hi hun,

    Well all I done was poas OPK on 7th Dec and it came up with 2 strong lines so we BD that weekend and the monday morning (I was due ov then I think so if we did do it then sperm can last up to 5 days from the last bd. I just dont know what to think to be honest, I have been off the pill since end of June and bang on track and then we started trying from mid nov (so I would have thought it was too late for that month) ov wise and then this month has been chaos with my af or whatever I think i am having. Its all just been a bit too much that and the news my friend is 9wks preg has pushed me over the edge.

  • I know how you feel, I had a text off a girl from work on Xmas eve telling me she is pregnant, I don't get on with her massively but have been quite close before and she knows how long we have been TTC for and how hard I'm finding it and she confided in me that they had started TTC a few months ago and knowing what I know about her relationship I don't think it's a great thing for them but obviously its up to them and I'm ridiculously jealous and upset then I feel horrible because I would never want anyone to go through the months of trying and tears that we have had and I just go round in circles with wanting to cry and then feeling awful for wishing it was me instead of her :cry: I just read the text and thought cheers merry effin christmas!! Logged on to Facebook and she's announcing it to the world... Glad I've got that out actually because it's been building up :\)

    If you got the OPK then you are 21dpo tomorrow aren't you.. strange... Are you still bleeding from this morning? x
  • Brb am going to have to go and check x
  • Hi hun, me again ha ha LOL.

    Only a tiny bit when I wiped after a pee (sorry if tmi) feel like I need an online doctor or something, yes tomorrow I will be 21DPO.

  • Hi hun, me again ha ha LOL.

    Only a tiny bit when I wiped after a pee (sorry if tmi) feel like I need an online doctor or something, yes tomorrow I will be 21DPO.

  • Hi hun, me again ha ha LOL.

    Only a tiny bit when I wiped after a pee (sorry if tmi) feel like I need an online doctor or something, yes tomorrow I will be 21DPO.

  • Thats really strange hun. I would test again tomorrow or Tuesday and if still BFN and no AF make an app to see your GP.

    Back in April I had a weeks worth of spotting followed by about 2 weeks AF and another week of spotting. I went to GP and he was crap, tried to tell me it was because I am overweight - I could do with losing about a stone so I didn't accept that, he eventually agreed to send me for blood tests, never got any results back though and every time I chased them the receptionist just said if there's a problem then we'll contact you. Really wish I'd gone back to see him because we are going to have to start investigations if no BFP by Feb which will be 18 months (no pressure eh :lol: ) but we've moved and I need to register with a new surgery, I'm really scared though :cry: how pathetic!

    I've completely taken over your thread and turned it into whinge central for Beth :lol:

    Sorry I couldn't really help you babe. I will quietly hope that you have a shy BFP :\)
  • Oh hun, Im the pathetic one here I am whinging and its only been a month and youve been trying for such a long time.

    I really hope you get your BFP hun, you deserve it, I know its bloody strange and my heads done in.

    Am too scared to test and see BFN so think am just going to wait and see if I get my next period on time (another month to wait)!! argh.... and take it from there.

    Thanks for listening and anytime you wanna whinge its ok by me hun xx
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