tonight i thought i would dress up (if u know what i mean) to make things a little bit interesting!

he has just got back from the gym and......... brings his brother home with him.


so now they are playing on the xbox.

luckily the plummer came so put pj's on before he got here before hubby got home.....otherwise my brother in law would have had the shock of his life!!!


  • Haha, brilliant!

    That could have been disasterous! Glad you managed to keep your dignity!xx
  • LMAO oh no how embarassing would that have been if they came home to find you in a provocative position! Did make me chuckle though xx
  • Oh hun never mind catch him later I too am an xbox widow mind you am just as bad for being on here all the time!! Its not going to get me pregnant talking about it he he!!

    I thought it was your BFP announcement

  • Oh no - that is hilarious! I too am an x bo widow! We always have people popping around, which makes BDing difficult as they never go until late!
  • hahahahaha o dear. good luck bd'ing x
  • Haha omg I know the feeling! I sometimes think the OH loves his X-Box more than me image seriously...he calls it his "sex box" xxx
  • I must be really lucky as my OH doesn't own any playstation, xbox or anything like that. He did own a playstation3 but sold it so he could meet me in town when we were first dating ah. A different story all together for my ex husband though so I do know how you feel.

    I have a little drawer with all my little dressy up things like that ha; certainly makes things more interesting. I am just pleased for you that you weren't in a position waiting when he came in with his brother xx

  • we should start a group - death to all xbox's!!!
    (or at least a hibernation until we all have beautiful BFPs!!

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