so I went to the docs...

... and she wants to do bloods in first 5 days of next cycle. Which means yet more waiting....!! image



  • oh pooey hun! waiting is rubbish! Hope all is ok! xxx
  • aww hun, sorry for your wait but at least you getting something done. godd luck hun.xxxxxxxxxxx
  • aw honey-thats terrible, i hope you still got to ask questions and maybe put your mind at ease for some things? I hope you can at least get an appt quickly.

    poor thing.

    x x x
  • Fergy - i know how you feel. I had the blood test too and had to wait until the right time.
    My hubby has an appointment this week to get the swimmers tested, then was told that he can not "release!" for 4 days before .. I am about to OV so have had to move that to the follwoign week....
    When you are TTC all you do is wait
  • Hi hun

    Was wondering how you've been.

    Thats good that you can get bloods done, it does suck having to wait as that feels like all we do!! But at least it's a step in the right direction, just think of it this way your be 1 step closer to that BFP.

    Come & find me & let me know how you get on hun will also keep a look out for your posts xxxx
  • What will the tests tell you? Waiting sucks, but at least you are moving forward now, even if it is slowly.

  • Hi Girls

    Thanks for your replies! It's actually not as bad as I made out (think cos I only had time to post a quick one!). I'm pretty sure even if I had been referred there and then they would want to do bloods first of all anyway. And she said if AF doesn't come in next 4 weeks to go back.

    I have private healthcare through hubby's work (it's fantastic, and cheap too!) so if/when I get referred i'll see someone pretty quickly (checked if I was covered and was told its fine for gynae issues, after all I'm not necessarily going cos of ttc....).

    Laujai - hello!! Thanks for your post! How are you doing? I've totally lost track of people - hows the group from L+Ns positive thinking thread?!!

    take care all and thanks for the support xxx
  • Hi hun

    Im good thanks, most of us are still there on various other lucky threads "fingers crossed there lucky LOL).

    Thats good that you get the private healthcare at least you havent got to go on NHS waiting lists, although your GP may of been able to arrange the bloods for you.

    Hope they come back good hun xx
  • urgh i wish i was private!! Thats great that they're taking care of you well...hopefully they'll keep getting you into all of your appointments when you need them with little waiting!

    x x x
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