Can you take too much folic acid?

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if there's such a thing as too much folic acid? I take my 400mg supplement as per ttc but i'm also considering taking a multivitamin to assist my ov'ing which also contains folic acid. I'm not sure how much yet as i haven't recieved it but i'm assuming not the recommended 400mg a day. I don't wanna take to little as i don't want to put any future beanie at risk, but can too much be harmful?



  • hiya, im not really sure, but i did find this....

    that kind of has answers lol, but i think its different for everyone, and ur body flushes out what u dont need anyways? xxxx
  • g/c on my tub of folic acid it says that an overdoes is considered to be 6x400mg in one day, so aslong as ur not taking that much then it shoudln't be a problem, but maybe check iwth ur gp, also most multi vits that contain folic acid are desingned for preg/ttc/breastfeeding so it probably has the right amount in, but do check it doesn't contain vit A, as ur not to take that when preggers (no preg supplements ahve it in) so as u could fall preg while taking it, its best to check it doesn't have that in, or cod/fish liver oil.

  • Thanks ladies, i've decided to go for pregnacare instead so it has everything i need,
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