No AF, is it worth testing again?

I am waiting for AF at the moment and finding it so frustrating. I did a test on the day that my period was due and it was a BFN but that was last wednesday and there is still nothing. I have had very minor cramps for the last week but not like I usually get, it sort of feels like my cramps are about to start but then the feeling only last a couple of seconds. Apart from this I have been VERY tired, cant wake up in the morning, feeling tired during the day and knackered by 9 o clock. Is it worth doing another test tommorow? I dont feel pregnant but I cant understand where AF is :\?


  • Hi Kate2009,
    Have you just started ttc and just come off the pill? If so it may take a while for your af to settle back down into a regular pattern. Saying that it aint over til she shows but try not to get to worried. Maybe try testing again in a day or two and see what happens. Hope its a BFP for you.
  • This is my 3rd or 4th cycle aince coming off the pill and the longest was the first one which was 33 days (it will be 33 days tommorow i think) I very stupidly went back to the test last week (about half an hour) and there was a faint line there, tried to do some research about evap lines but couldnt decifer what mine was. Lesson leant there: leave used tests alone after the 10 minutes!!
    As I say I dont feel pregnant but I want to get stuck into next month than be in limbo
  • Limbo land is horrible, believe me i've been there for 10 months!! It could just be your body settling down still even after 3 months. Hold out another week if you can and see if af comes if not test again. Good luck.
  • I would test again. Not all women feel pregnant. I had minor cramps and very tired before my BFP xx Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  • I dont know how you are coping with 10 months slow, you are a lot stronger than me! Thanks socks, think I will try and get another test in the next few days if AF hasnt shown by then.
  • hi kate2009 - i would test in a couple more days if i were you. limboland is a horrible place to be, i hope you get an answer one way or the other (but preferably a BFP!) soon xx
  • I would leave it another couple of days and test again xx It is awful being in limboland - I have just been there!! The witch finally found me today after 8 days xx
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