Hi all,

Well after my 2 negative urine tests at the doctors and my faint BFP before that the docs have decided to do a blood test to confirm for sure whether it is pregnancy, I have been back to see the nurse and have told her about all the symptoms I have been experiencing for 7 weeks nausea, bloatedness, excessive wind, sore boobs, weird pains in stomach, light bleeding etc and my stomach has been bloated constantly regardless of what I eat for over 2 weeks.

I will find out by friday one way or the other in the meantime I should be due to ov at the weekend going by my 35 day cycle so can always get on with this month too.

Feel relieved in a way because she said next step would be to check my bloods and if thats negative then probably means am not pregnant dont think they will send me for a scan. She did say that sometimes it doesnt show up in your urine the hcg but would show in your blood so feel like on friday whether its negative or positive I can move forward.

For past few days have felt like I wanted to be sick again had pains in my stomach and a few migraines. I just hope either way I will get some answers.

Thanks for being patient with me :lol:



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