my heart is breaking *liittle update*

the bleeding has began, not loads and loads but its started, words cant describe how im feeling i just cant bare it, how im gunna get thru it i dont no i feel so empty inside. seems i will never have children everytime i get pregnant i miscarry its just not fair. sorry to dump my sad news on u all i just wanted to update you xxxx

**babydst 2 u all**
*little update*
just been 2 c my mum 4 a chat and she says that herself and her mum both have a smll cervix and that this caused them both issues wen ttc and keeping a baby. guna mention this 2 my doc and see if this cud b a problem. i am worried that the doc will not do anything as all miscarriges were b4 six weeks but we will c, going 4 the appointment at 3.10 so will let u no how i get on xxx

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  • Sorry to hear your sad news x hugs x
  • sorry to hear BIG HUGS, we are all here for you

  • Aww sweetie, big big cuddles. Must just be terrible.
    thinking of you xx
  • Oh hun, I'm so sorry to be reading this. It happened to me on new years eve. I was in pieces for over two hours on the bathroom floor before I managed to pull myself together enough to get ready and cook dinner for the friends we had invited over to 'celebrate' the new year. image
    Just want to offer you some massive hugs and let you know we are all thinking of you hun. x x x x x x x x x x
  • Hey I have not spoken to you before just saw this on the title page, I just wanted to send you a huge hug an hopefully give you some words of hope, I have been in a similar situation myself as have quite a few girls on here. There are lots of recurrant miscarriage success stories. You are not alone in this. If you haven't been on already go over to the ttc after mc page, it was such a huge support to me. Sounds like you have been here before but please hang in there, take the time to greave and deal with your loss and then take the next very brave step. I am sure you will get there eventually, I know this is the most heart breaking thing in the world particularly when it keeps happening. Really hope you are getting the support you need at home and at the doctors love and hugs honey xxx
  • Oh hun I have no idea how you must be feeling, I'm so so sorry. Love and hugs, take care of yourself xxx
  • i am gunna go see my doc in the morning and tell him i want tests doing, i no im only21 but after 3 miscarriges surely they shold investigate? i have bupa healthcare so i am hoping they will say yes as i pay for it how can they refuse. i feel that getting some tests underway is the only way i can get thru the loss and hopefully get some answers. thanks for all your kind words your all such lovley people and a great support network. sending you all lots and lots of babydust xxxx
  • i think that is a really good idea. please let us know how you get on and how you are doing.
  • guna go get some rest now, wil nip on here in next few days to let u no how the doctors goes in the morning thanx again every1 wil catch up with u all soon xxxxx
  • So sorry to hear what you are going through. Big hugs xxx
  • So sorry to hear what you are going through. Big hugs xxx
  • image hugs hun xxx
  • Oh Sally I am really sorry. I know I keep giving you pma but I have heard of other ladies bleeding in the frist stage and not losing their bean. I hope the doc does some tests tomorrow and this is what you find.

    After my mc in January my doc said she would put me on progesterone next time I got a +ve hpt, straight away, as this apparently helps bean to stick. Maybe suggest this to your doctor tomorrow as you don't seem to have probelms getting pg, just having a sticky one. The thing with progesterone supplements is it does no harm at all so it's really a just in case situation that can only help you next time. Mention it to your doc and see what they say.

    Let us know how you get on pet. I hope you pick this up before you go tomorrow.
  • I don't know if bupa cover pregnancy related things?
    They should start tests, I've had three chem pregs and doc states anything under 6 weeks doesn't count as a proper miscarriage and didn't refere me on....

    Good luck Hun, xxxxx
  • So sorry you're going through this again - fingers crossed it's not AF, miracles happen so please keep the PMA.. x
  • I hope it isn't a miscarry image
  • hi hun, dont really know what to say, i just wish you well and send u big (((hugs))) xxxx
  • Oh no pet, I'm so gutted for you. Sending you lots of hugs. xx
  • Lots of hugs Sally. It's terribly hard when this happens. You should be able to have tests done to see what's going on. There are a huge number of reasons that cause miscarriage and a lot of them are easily treated. Just remember that you are not alone and we are all here for you xxx
  • Ah hun I really am sorry to hear that x Let us know what the Doc says. Im sure they can advise you on where to go from here! xx
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