Please Help,am i normal?

Where do i start? Ever since starting my periods 10 or more years ago i have had problems with them being all over the place,i was on the Pill for a few years and this was great for my peroids but then caused me to have a blood clot on the lung so i am no longer able to take these (clot was a few years ago now) but now myself and my fiance have decided we want to start trying for a baby,Went to the dr's last week to discuss options as i haven't had a period on my own since beng off the pill. They weren't very helpfull, i was half expecting a blood test to check my hormones and to see if i am actually ovulating but the only thing that was offered was to take Folic Acid (which i am doing) and to take my temperature in the morning 'if it is slightly higher then you may be ovulating' i was told and to keep trying and come back in 12 months. Is this normal or is there something else we can try??? :x


  • hello and welcome,sorry you had a bad experience at the docs but they normaly wont do anything till you have been trying for a year,you could go back and ask if they could do a blood test. have you tried the ovulations sticks?

  • Hi Clare. You said your bloodclot was two years ago....and I take it this was when you stopped the pill? Are you saying you haven't had a period in two years?? Sorry if I'm being stupid here but if that is the case I would be straight back to the Docs and demand for some tests!!

    If it's not, Folic Acid is there to help the healthy growing of a foetus. If you want to help with oving and regulating your cycles then you could try Evening Primrose Oil. Some people find that really helpful.

    In terms of charting your temperature to work out OV, some people this works for and others it doesn't. You could try OV sticks (available from Boots etc).

    See how you go. Docs tend to not see anyone until they have been ttc for at least 6 months and then ask them to come back again 6 months later!! I would just make sure they are taking into account your history.

    Good luck poppet and welcome to the site!!

  • Still trying to work everything out on here so bear with.
    Yeah thts it, i have not had a peroid naturally since the just after the blood clot,not normal am i?have never been regular since they started-have had tests but all come back normal.Got the sticks done them at different times and have all come back neg so far.Thank you for your helpfull message xx
  • I think you should go back, explain the whole situation clearly to the doc and demand that you are refered for further tests. It sounds like they are only listening to the 'starting to ttc' bit and not the whole 'no af at all for years' bit. Good luck xx
  • I wouldn't worry to much that you are 'not normal'. None of us are, are we??!!!

    Glad you've had some tests done. I take it they just said you were 'working' perfectly healthy just with a lack of periods?? If so, although that makes tracking your fertile times quite difficult, what great news!! No periods!! Sorry - probably not a helpful joke there.......!

    Anyway, if I was you, and you got on OK with the ov sticks, I would use them every day, not first thing in the morning but at around the same time each day, for at least one month. You need to work out how long your cycles are, with or without periods (assuming what I said about tests above is correct).

    Other than that, make sure you have sex (baby dance or bd) every other day (ish) to optimise your chances of conceiving.

    If you get a dull ache or even a sharp pain in one side of your abdomen then that could be a sign of ovulating.

    Also, and this is the more gross bit (!!), you cervical mucus will change colour and consistency (whiter and stringier) nearer to oving so just keep an eye out for all the signs.

    Above all, try not to stress out too much and enjoying lots of bding with your OH.

    When's the wedding by the way??

  • Thank you,def going back now-annoyed me after last visit as like you said only interested in the tryin and not sorting out probs xx
  • haha yeah i was holding back to go Dr's as i have been loving life with no periods handbag currently full of ov sticks,doing them around lunchtime ev day,neg today-quite difficlt to work out cycles so they are great things. Yeah trying ev other day at mo which both loving!! also watching out for signs of change down below just incase. Yeah Dr said perfect apart form perods which is bit need most at mo, strangly we are more focussed on a baby than wedding, which is cool,we both only 25+26 so plenty of time.Thank you again chic xxx
  • Clare - def go back to the docs and emphasise that you're worried that you've not had any periods. Ask if you can have your thyroid levels checked (if too low, this can inhibit AF) and your hormone levels.

    I went to the doctors after no period for two months (two years - crikey, you've saved enough on not buying tampons to pretty much cover your wedding dress...) and had a blood test. Of course, three days later, AF turned up....

    Try to relax - you sound pretty normal to me!
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