had some news today

and it's not good. I dont want to post on here about it but i just wanted to say that sometimes it does make sense to go to the docs after trying for a while.

I went to my docs after 7 months of trying (have been off the pill for over 18 months though prior to this). Well basically we had some news that makes things harder for us to get pregnant.

Not sure what will happen now but doc said there a few things we need to change in our diet and then the test will be done again in a couple of months time.

Wish us luck girls. I am calling the doc back tomorrow as i didnt really understand everything today, was all a blur. He doesnt seem overly worried but having done some research on the net i know that i am. Sorry that i havent metnioned going to the docs before this

Why does this have to be so difficult!?!?!?

Sorry for not giving lots of info but just needed to let it all out.... and i knew you would understand. If anyone else is having probs feel free to PM me.


  • Oh hun im so sorry. I dont have much advice but didnt wana r&r.
    One thing I will say is stay away from google. It always gives you the worst examples.

    Good luck with changing diet etc xxx
  • I'm so sorry.

    I hope that you get through this and get your baby soon. And like babylove said, google isn't going to help. Talk to the dr to get any answers you need instead.

    Thinking of you.
  • Just cling onto the fact that although it will be harder to fall pregnant, you still CAN fall pregnant. I know things look bad at the minute and you have to change diet etc but at least you know you will be able to, even if it is with a little help.

    Good luck with your diet and your BFP xx
  • awwww hun, hope your ok! i wish you the best of luck!
  • sending babydust your way x
  • thanks fro your messages girls. it sunk in this morning and i am feeling all teary! But i am going to call the doc again as yesterday the conversation passed in a blur and i dont think that i took much of it in....

    At least we now know and get on with things....
    xThanks again girls!
  • Aw honey sorry your feeling like this, at least you have been to the docs and they can put you on the right road.

    Sending you a big hug and some PMA x

    I know sometimes it feels more like you are in control if you research but like the other lovely ladies on here have said google and other websites always give the worst outcomes.

    Try and stay positive cos I'm sure that helps xx
  • Hi girls
    Spoke to the doc again and he doesnt seemed that concerned just yet and said that they would test again in 2 months time. In the mean time OH has to eat certain things to help the problem. It's just scary because online its all bad news!!!!

    Oh well will just have to see.....xx
  • Hi hun, somehow I missed this post yesterday and only just saw it. Wanted to say that firstly I'm sorry you didn't get such good news and to let you know I'm thinking of you. My DH and I have had similarly not so good news on that front and having being seeing a doctor about it for a while now. When we first found out it was a horrible shock really, it's quite a scary thing to hear. It does take a bit of time to sink in but after that I felt grateful that we had at least found out so we could start dealing with it. I'm glad the doctor didn't seem too concerned today and the retest will be good as it's always important to be sure. Anyway chick, just wanted to let you know that we're all hear for you and if you ever feel like a chat then my email button is activated - I really do know how scary these test results can be!!! Take care.x.
  • G/c from planning but didn't want to r+r. Just wanted to say thinking of you and I hope it's better news in a couple of months time when you have your re-test.
  • Thank you for all your kind posts- its always nice to know i can go on here and someone will message something nice and provide some informaiton that might help!!!
  • Hay hun (((hugs))))

    I have been to the DR about ttc and she told me as i have fallen preg 1 son and 2 mc the reason i am not preg is prob STRESS and then she said CHILL OUT AND JUST ENJOY TTC grrrrrr DR image
    I felt really bad as the reason i am not preg is coz i am stressing about me not getting preg's lol :lol:

    I am on month 19 almost 20 and i am just going to go with the flow. I have tryed to stay away from BE but i cant help pop in every so often

    Good Luck and hope you re-tests are better then the last.... Gems x
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